Tuesday, 5 October 2010

52 trucks from Jordan and Gulf join Viva Palestina 5 aid convoy

Jordanian Aid Convoy crossed the city of Homs on Monday, and is heading for Latakia port. It includes 52 trucks, 120 activists and humanitarian aid offered from the Arab Gulf States and Jordan to the people of Gaza.

Earlier, The Gaza-bound Lifeline 5 aid convoy, which includes 52 trucks, 120 supporters and humanitarian aid, crossed the Nassib border crossing point in Daraa, southern Syria.

Coordinator of the Jordanian and Arab Gulf campaign Abdulfattah Kelani said that the convoy is heading to Gaza to express the Arab nation's desire to break the siege imposed on the people of Gaza, voicing appreciation of the limitless Syrian support for delivering aid to Gaza.

He noted that Arab participation in Lifeline 5 makes up around two thirds of participants, explaining that the convoy is split into three parts; one from Europe and Turkey, one from North Africa and Maghreb, and one from the Arab Gulf countries and Jordan.

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