Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bili'in villager Abu Rahmah ends prison sentence for anti-wall protests - but still detained

Abdallah Abu Rahmah, the anti-wall activist from Bil'in village, is being kept in prison despite having completed his sentence for the 'crime' of organising an 'illegal march' – yet another example of the undemocratic nature of the Israeli state.
An Israeli military court has prevented the release of a West Bank activist even though he has already served his one year prison sentence.

The president of the military court of appeals Monday ordered Abdallah Abu Rahmah -- whose case has drawn international attention -- to stay in prison after a last minute petition by the Israeli Military Prosecution to extend his sentence.

Abu Rahmah was convicted of incitement for organizing weekly demonstrations in the West Bank village of Bil'in against what Israel calls its security barrier and Palestinians call the apartheid separation wall. Israel says the barrier is needed for security, Palestinians say it is a land grab which cuts through village farmlands. The protests started five years ago.

The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, the group to which Abu Rahmah belongs to said in a statement, "The decision contradicts the jurisprudence of the Israeli Supreme Court on the issue, instructing that a prisoner should only be kept under arrest after his term was over in the most extraordinary of cases." more

AIPAC's huge spy operation against US to be exposed as zionists fight each other

Zionist lobby group AIPAC has descended into internecine warfare with an ex-policy chief threatening to expose the fact that AIPAC organises a mass spying operation in the US and regularly trades US intelligence secrets. No statement as yet from the US government. You might have thought it would be interested in prosecuting the individuals involved with treason, but such is the alliance between Israel and the US, sealed by their joint desire to keep the Arabs in their place, that of course nothing much will be done about it. The good news, however, is that AIPAC is beginning to show the strains of trying to sell the indefensible to the American public, as its leaders spend money and time fighting each other.
Top AIPAC officials visited prostitutes, regularly watched porn at work: claim

Is US's most influential advocate for Israel about to implode?

A former foreign policy chief for the largest Israeli lobby in the US is threatening to provide evidence members of the organization regularly trafficked in classified US government information.

The claim comes in the midst of an increasingly ugly lawsuit in which parties have alleged or admitted to mass viewing of pornography among senior staffers at AIPAC as well as extra-marital affairs. more

Settlers step up West Bank offensive against Palestinian farmers and villages

Settlers are on the rampage on the West Bank, launching attacks on Palestinian villages, evicting Palestinian families from their homes and stealing water from Palestinian farmers, preventing them from accessing their land, and destroying their olive groves. And of course the building programme pushes forward at a frenetic pace - creating facts on the ground.

But there is some good news. AIPAC, the main Zionist lobby group in the US, is becoming increasingly split as its leadership descends into internecine warfare.