Thursday, 28 April 2011

Egyptian student march demands closure of Israeli embassy and end to gas supplies

Thousands marched on the Israeli embassy in Cairo yesterday in the beginning of a concerted campaign to end collaboration with Israel and cut off all gas supplies.
Massed on a bridge next to the high-rise building where the embassy is located, they chanted: "the people demand the cancellation of normalization."

They also chanted: "the gas must stop," in reference to natural gas exports through a Sinai pipeline that unidentified saboteurs blew up earlier in the day.

One of the protesters, left-wing blogger Hossam Al-Hamalawy, said the demonstration came in response to recent remarks by Israeli President Shimon Peres, who praised the Egyptian revolt that toppled the government in February.

"Peres issued a statement recently calling on Egyptian youth to normalize [with Israel], and this is the Egyptian youth's response," he said. more

Egypt release nine Palestinian political prisoners yesterday. Another 20 remain incarcerated.
Nine Palestinians released from prison in Egypt are en route to Gaza, spokesman of the prisoners' families Imad As-Sayed said Wednesday. more


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