Wednesday, 12 January 2011

163 charities blacklisted by Israel because 'contaminated by terror'

Israel doesn't like charities. UK-based charity Interpal is one of the targets. Must give them some more money.
The Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority has located 163 organizations contaminated with funds related to terrorism over the past three years, and issued specific orders prohibiting receiving money from them, Defense Ministry data shows. more

Islamic Jihad member killed in more Israeli air strikes on Gaza - revenge is promised

NYTimes reports more airstrikes on Gaza - Israel killed a member of Islamic Jihad.
A Palestinian militant from the group Islamic Jihad was killed in Gaza on Tuesday in an Israeli airstrike, according to the Israeli military and the group. The military said in a statement that the target of the strike, Muhammad Najar, 23, was “involved in planning a massive terror attack in the heart of Israel,” and that the pinpoint killing had disrupted those plans. Islamic Jihad threatened to avenge the Israeli attack.