Friday, 14 January 2011

Movement against the Arab dictatorships spreads to Jordan

pic from Ammon News

Movement has now spread to Jordan. This is starting to look very interesting. Israel and the US will be sweating.
Thousands of Jordanians have taken to the streets of the capital Amman and other cities to protest against rising commodity prices, unemployment and poverty.

The protesters are calling on the government headed by Samir Rifai, the prime minister, to step down.

Demonstrators, including trade unionists and leftist party members, carried national flags and chanted anti-government slogans in downtown Amman.

They called Rifai a "coward" and demanded his resignation.

"Jordan is not only for the rich. Bread is a red line. Beware of our starvation and fury," read one of the banners carried after mid-day prayers, amid a heavy police presence, according to the AFP news agency.

"Down with Rifai's government. Unify yourselves because the government wants to eat your flesh. Raise fuel prices to fill your pocket with millions," the protesters chanted as they marched in Amman.

Similar demonstrations took place in the cities of Maan, Karak, Slat and Irbid, as well as other parts of the country.

Friday's protests came amid similar protests in Algeria and Tunisia. more

Tunisia and Algeria shows way to destroy Arab dictatorships and liberate Palestine

Victory to the Tunisian revolution. The more despots that are overthrown the better for the struggle for Palestinian liberation. Looking good in Algeria as well. Let's hope the movement spreads to Egypt too.
Uprisings are shaking the authoritarian regimes of Tunisia and Algeria in North Africa.

Protests have raged for more than three weeks in Tunisia.

High youth unemployment, poverty and a rising cost of living—combined with the obscene wealth of the elite and corruption—has led to fury.

President Ben Ali has lost much of his credibility—protesters have burnt the offices of the ruling party.

His government’s response has been vicious. more

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