Thursday, 27 January 2011

Palestinian Authority colluded with US to block Goldstone war crimes report

We knew this already but it is still shocking just how weak and supine the Palestinian leadership has become. Hopefully events in Tunisia, and most importantly in Egypt, will give them some backbone, unlikey though. Time for them to move out of the way. Certainly need to get rid of this collaborator Abbas.
Palestinian Authority leaders co-operated with US officials in a bid to postpone the reference of the Goldstone report into war crimes in Gaza to the UN security council, leaked papers reveal. The PA, who have denied they made the decision under US pressure, later reversed their decision.

The postponement of the report into Israel's 2008 assault on Gaza triggered heavy criticism of the PA leadership, at one time threatening Abbas's position. But at a meeting on 21 October 2009, three weeks after the Goldstone scandal erupted, US national security adviser Jim Jones told the Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat: "Thank you for what you did a couple of weeks ago [on Goldstone]; it was very courageous".