Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Egyptian revolutionaries make breaking Gaza siege a top priority

Young participants in the 25th January Egyptian revolution have told the Palestine Information Centre that Egypt has been freed from a tyrannical regime and breaking the siege of Gaza is high on their list of priorities. Ousting Hosni Mubarak was difficult, they said, but it was just the beginning of the revolution, not the end. In Tahrir Square, they added, all sections of Egyptian society were united, including Muslims and Christians; leftists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. more

Grad rocket hits Israeli city of Beersheba

Grad rocket hits Beersheba, worrying Israeli security chiefs - launch air strikes in retaliation. Hamas has been trying to clampdown on rocket fire from the strip.
BEERSHEBA, Israel (Reuters) - A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in a residential street in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba on Wednesday, causing serious damage to houses and cars but no casualties, the city's mayor said.

"One rocket fell, there are no casualties and security forces are in control of the situation," Beersheba mayor Rubik Danilovich told Channel 1 television.

Earlier reports said the rocket had struck a house. Residents said they sought shelter in secure rooms after air raid sirens sounded in the area. more

11 injured in Gaza City shelling while workers shot again on border

Israel shelling in Gaza City injures at least seven while two workers shot on northern border, according to the People's Daily. Al-Quds brigade say some of the injured from the shelling were its members. Israeli occupations are still operating inside on the eastern suburbs of the Gaza City. Palestine Telegraph puts the injured figure at 11.
Seven Palestinians were wounded Wednesday by Israeli artillery shelling in Gaza City, witnesses and medical sources said.

The wounded are members of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, the brigades said in a statement.

Also on Wednesday, the Israeli forces shot two Palestinian workers in northern Gaza Strip. more

Settlers go on the rampage in Nablus - storm houses, set fire to cars

Settlers have set fire to two cars and stormed houses in Nablus. Read more