Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sudan air strike fails to assassinate senior al-Qassam brigades fighter, kills two others

Contrary to earlier reports, an Israeli air strike in Sudan (at Port Sudan on the Red Sea) yesterday that targeted a member of Hamas's military wing, Abdul Latif, did not ksucceed in killing him, although two other people died.
Member of the Palestinian legislative council from Hamas Ismail Ashkar announced Thursday that his nephew Abdul Latif Ashkar survived the Port Sudan strike on Tuesday. Al-Arabiya reported earlier that Abdul Latif, who is considered Mahmoud al-Mabhouh's heir, was one of the victims.

Two people were killed in the aerial attack on a car in Port Sudan on Tuesday, one of whom was reportedly a Hamas man.

The legislator stressed that his nephew is doing well. "God saved him," he said. Ashkar described Abdul Latif as a prominent leader in Hamas's military wing who had escaped several attempts on his life. more