Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Freedom Flotilla 2 on schedule as Netanyahu pleads with Europe to stop the aid convoy

Flotilla organisers are not disclosing how many ships will be sailing or their points of departure because of security concerns. Netanyahu on Monday called on European governments to try and prevent their nationals joining the mission - now that's not very democratic is it Mr Netanyahu? The Jerusalem Post claims that IHH - the Turkish charity that chartered the Mavi Marmara - may delay sailing until after the Turkish elections which take place in June.
A flotilla of ships is preparing to sail to Gaza to mark the first anniversary on May 31 of a deadly Israeli raid against a similar convoy, organisers said Monday.

"Preparations are on track, adequate conditions for the departure of the ships will be met by the end of May," Vaggelis Pissias, an organiser of the Ship to Gaza mission, told a news conference in Athens.

Dubbed "Freedom Flotilla II", the mission will bring together participants from 50 countries in a bid to break Israel's blockade of Gaza.

Israeli troops raided a previous flotilla last May 31 in a controversial operation that left nine Turkish activists dead and drew international condemnation.

For security reasons, organisers said they would not disclose the number of ships taking part this year or their point of departure, although they have previously said 15 ships could participate, compared with six last year. more