Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gaza border re-opened after week of closure as four die in tunnel collapse

Israel re-opened the sole available crossing into Gaza today, after it's been shut for a week. Also, and probably as a direct consequence of Israeli bombing, four workers died when the tunnels they were working in collapsed.

On what could only be described as a lighter note, Justin Bieber is on tour in Israel - presumably no one told him about the artists' boycott movement. It seems that Israel had in mind some PR stunt while he was in the country by getting him to meet young residents of Sederot, near the Gaza border. It appears Justin didn't show up and now the pro-Israel gang is jumping up and down claiming he's insulted Israel. He shouldn't be in Israel in the first place if he has any sense of righting injustices in the world and making a good example for his fans.