Thursday, 14 April 2011

Netanyahu hints at backing down over flotilla as pressure mounts on Israel

Has the Israeli state come to the realisation that killing aid and human rights workers doesn't play very well around the world?

There is news today that Netanyahu may allow Freedom Flotilla 2 to reach Gaza, under certain circumstances. We all need to keep up the pressure on both Israel and the governments of the activists who are joining the flotilla. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu studies the possibility of allowing international flotilla to reach Gaza if flotilla organizers agreed their vessels be checked by international forces beside Israeli, Israeli media reported.

In further development on the Goldstone report, three UN investigators have distanced themselves from Goldstone's 'retraction', declaring that they stand by their report in its entirety: in other words Israeli did, and continues to, deliberately target civilians employing the excuse that 'terrorists' use them as human shields.

Political sources told Israeli Channel 2 TV station that Tal Aviv main concern is to make sure that flotilla’s vessels are being used to smuggle weapons to Gaza militants. The sources added that the reason Israel wants a third party to be involve is to avoid any clashes with the flotilla organizers and in the same time make sure that the flotilla does not break the blockade. more