Saturday, 30 April 2011

Egypt's military rulers warn Israel against attempts to block opening of Rafah crossing

Egypt's military rulers are warning Israel against trying to undermine the opening of the Rafah border crossing, reports Haaretz. The Egyptian leadership is under intense pressure from its population to end collaboration with Israel. Someone should tell the political echelon in Tel Aviv that this is what democracy looks like - or at least the military's version of it. The Arab Spring is turning into a nightmare for Israel.
Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces General Sami Anan warned Israel against interfering with Egypt's plan to open the Rafah border crossing with Gaza on a permanent basis, saying it was not a matter of Israel's concern, Army Radio reported on Saturday. more

Israeli drones see everything - so why do they target innocent civilians?

The drones that do the 'targeting' for Israeli airstrikes are a constant feature of life for Gazans and their constant aerial surveillance creates a maddening and unescapable soundscape - it also leads to the death of entirely innocent people, as in the case of the Kudeih family below reported by Bonnie King (article) and Ken O'Keefe (video and photos) at the Oregon-based Salem News.
"Just another Israeli war crime in Gaza. A mother and her four daughters preparing for the daughters wedding in a couple of weeks... and then a Israeli rocket explodes between them as they sit in their yard," said Ken O'Keefe. "A family is destroyed. This is Israel."

It began with air strikes on April 7, when five Palestinians were killed in raids hitting targets that the Israeli military described as positions where projectiles had been fired from.

Two women and an elderly man were killed in separate strikes near Khan Younis, and two unidentified men were killed near Gaza City.

A mother and daughter had been sitting in their back yard, planning the girl's upcoming wedding. Her two sisters were there also, and they had spent the day baking bread for the big event. more

Youths clash with Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem as special forces storm Bustan

Thanks to the Palestinian Information Center
Jerusalemite youths in Silwan town, south of the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, clashed with Israeli occupation forces who stormed the Bustan suburb after the Friday congregation.

Eyewitnesses said that as soon as the Jerusalemites finished their weekly congregation at the sit-in tent in the Bustan suburb, the IOF soldiers along with special forces stormed the suburb.

They added that young men threw stones at the invading forces and they responded by firing teargas leading to breathing difficulty among many worshippers.