Sunday, 1 May 2011

Israel blocks compensation for Gaza victims of Cast Lead death and destruction

Israel's High Court on Thursday dismissed a petition filed on behalf of 1,046 victims of Israel's Operation Cast Lead offensive on the Gaza Strip, a human rights group said.

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights filed a petition in December to challenge the two-year statute of limitation imposed on compensation claims. more

Hamas leadership denies it intends to leave Syria

Reports last week that Hamas was moving its leadership out of Syria, possibly to Qatar, have been denied by its Politburo. It would probably be a smart move on Hamas's part to get out from under the wing of the murderous Baathist regime of Assad while they still have time, but perhaps the organisation thinks it shouldn't be a disrespectful and ungrateful guest.
Islamic Hamas movement said Saturday that its politburo will remain in Syria, denying reports that Damascus asked its exiled leaders to leave.

"We have not been told or informed to leave Syria," Salah Al- Baradweel, a Hamas official in Gaza, told Xinhua.

Ezzat Al-Resheq, a Hamas leader based in Syria, also denied the reports, saying that Hamas was still doing its work from Syria. more