Thursday, 12 May 2011

77% of children arrested by Israel suffer physical abuse at hands of military

From Amnesty International
The organisation, Defense for Children International (DCI) is a NGO that works to protect and promote children’s rights. It is has been running a campaign for many years, calling for the release of Palestinian child prisoners. Also in February, Defense for Children International released a report which it also submitted to the UN, detailing the situation faced by Palestinian children, based on sworn testimonies of the children affected.

DCI found that, of the children arrested between Oct-Dec 2010 (on the accusation of “throwing stones”), 77% of children reported to have suffered physical abuse by the military. That is a huge percentage of children being abused, by those with an enormous position of authority over them. In relation to this, it clearly shows that the Israeli military is using disproportionate amounts of so called ‘defense’ against the small scale resistance presented by these children.

It is rare that in these situations a child’s parents are present when they are being interrogated let alone the children gaining access to a lawyer. Often, the parents are unaware of where their child is being taken and held for a number of days. They are only able to establish the whereabouts of their child through the assistance of NGO’s, if that.

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), specifically Article 37, it states that: “No child shall be tortured or suffer other cruel treatment or punishment. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall only be used as a last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time. Children must not be put in a prison with adults and they must be able to keep in contact with their family”. more

Tanks and bulldozers make incursion into northern Gaza near Karni crossing 'to blow up tunnels'

Israeli soldiers apparently entered the Palestinian territory from Karni crossing on Wednesday (11 May) and advanced hundreds of meters toward the east of Gaza City.

According to Press TV's correspondent in Gaza, Israeli soldiers dug a series of holes in the area and filled them with explosives.

Israeli soldiers then blew up the explosives, causing loud explosions in the area, our correspondent added.

Israeli officials claim that the troops were searching and destroying "possible tunnels" in the area that could be used by Palestinian resistance fighters to enter Israeli posts and capture Israeli soldiers. more

James Longley's 2002 documentary film Gaza Strip now available free online

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GAZA STRIP from James Longley on Vimeo.

James Longley has made his 2002 documentary film, GAZA STRIP, which played to sold out audiences in Chicago and elsewhere is available for free online at full quality here:

There is also a donate button for those of you who wish to contribute to James's future film-making efforts.

US readers can get it on Netflix as well.

Thanks James for the heads up!