Friday, 20 May 2011

25 Bethlehem post-Nakba arrests, six at anti-apartheid wall rally, Madama village under curfew

Anti-Apatheid wall protest leads to six arrests near Bethlehem.
Israeli forces detained six protesters at a rally Friday in Al-Mas'ara near Bethlehem, activists said.

Soldiers detained local popular committee member Jum’a Yousef Zawahra, 40, committee spokesman Muhammad Hasan Barejieh, 35, Karim Yousef Zawahra, 29, two Israeli activist and a French protester, the committee said. more

Israeli soldiers invaded a village south of Nablus Thursday night and imposed a curfew, officials said.
The troops entered Madama shortly after two Molotov cocktails were thrown at a military jeep, the army said. Madama village south of Hebron stormed by occupation forces, now under curfew. more

Maan breaking news says 25 arrests in Bethlehem targeting of Nakba protesters.

OccupiedPalestine blog hit by Twitter censorship after account suspended

Influential and popular blog had it's Twitter account suspended yesterday.
Last night the twitteraccount of this blog was suspended while tweeting for #Palestine #Gaza #Justice & #Humanrights by way tweeps are used from us: reposting already by media published news or retweeting by media published news from others (besides some personal tweets as well of course). A lot of people sending messages now by email asking what happened.

We express our concern about Twitter suspending accounts. Twitter is supposed to be a social site and it defeats the purpose of the service when the accounts of popular / active users are disabled, thus cutting them off from their network of contacts and destroying irrevocably what they have spent months and/or years building up here: a twitterarchive, retweets, favourite quote collections, personal updates, hence all the information of personal nature stored in the DM Box etc.

It is in the features of Twitter for any user who does not like the tweets or the amount, to unfollow or even block users whose tweets are not appreciated.

To our loyal followers, we are sorry for the inconvenience. please follow sister @occpal2 or sister @occpal3 for the time being. Shoutouts to these accounts would be highly appreciated to restore the followerslist so the news about Palestine we continuously update reaches the world.

We send an email to Twitter but did not receieve any response yet. We keep you updated in this topic about eventual developments in hope the account gets restored.

Jazzakum Allahu khair wa BarakAllahu feekum, Thank you and may Allah/G-d/God bless you, from occupiedpalestine

Update 1

It seems DM’s send to @occpal2 or sister @occpal 3 are not arriving at all

Palestinian Center for Human Rights - weekly casuallty report 12-18 May 2011

Palestinan Center for Human Rights Weekly Report:

· Two Palestinian children were killed in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

-The child who was killed in the Gaza Strip was mentally disabled and was killed by a shell fired by IOF.

-A child in the West Bank sustained serious wounds by the explosion of a suspicious object left by IOF.

· IOF used excessive force against peaceful demonstrations commemorating the Palestinian Nakba.

-144 civilians were wounded in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

-The wounded include 47 children, 5 women and 4 journalists.

· IOF continued to target Palestinian fishermen at Gaza sea.

-IOF fired at Palestinian fishing boats, but no casualties were reported.

· IOF continued to use force against peaceful protests against the construction of the annexation wall and settlement activities in the West Bank.

- Three demonstrators, including a child and an international human rights defender, were wounded.

- IOF arrested 10 demonstrators, including 2 Israeli solidarity activists.

· IOF conducted 20 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

- IOF arrested 15 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children.

· IOF continued settlement activities and Israeli settlers continued their attacks in the West Bank.

- Israeli settlers continued their attacks against Palestinian civilians and property.

- IOF raided the Orphanage School in al-Thawri neighborhood of the occupied East Jerusalem and terrorized the students in the school.

· Israel has continued to impose a total siege on the Gaza Strip and tightened the siege on the West Bank.

- IOF arrested at least 4 Palestinians at military checkpoints in the West Bank.

- IOF imposed a total closure on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.

15 ships, 22 organisations, 1,500 activists from 100 countries announced for Freedom Flotilla 2

(pic: the Mavi Marmara, above, has been refitted)

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From Zaman
A Turkish charity that owned a ship raided by Israeli commandoes last year said on Friday that a new flotilla to deliver aid to Gaza is set to set sail next month with more than 1,500 activists in 15 ships.

Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH) President Bülent Yıldırım called a press conference on Friday at the charity's office in İstanbul and said they plan to set sail with participants from more than 100 countries “for humanity.”

An international convoy of ships, the Freedom Flotilla 2, is expected to sail to Gaza next month, one year after a deadly Israeli raid on a similar flotilla on May 31 of last year. Eight Turks and one Turkish American were killed on a Turkish ship in the flotilla, the Mavi Marmara, during the raid. The flotilla was trying to break an Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Turkey, a former Muslim ally of the Jewish state, has scaled back ties since then, demanding Israel apologize and pay damages for the deadly raid, which caused an international outcry.

Noting that everyone with a conscience expects the new flotilla to set sail, Yıldırım underlined that the new flotilla is part of an international move and that İHH is just a small part of it. “This is an activity organized by 22 organizations,” he added. more

Pre-order Mark Thomas's book Extreme Rambling: Walking Israel's Separation Barrier

(Radio interview on BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends)

Comedian and activist, Mark Thomas, decided to go rambling in the Middle East and walked the entire length of the Israeli Separation Barrier, crossing between the Israeli and the Palestinian side. This is the story of 300,000 settlers, a 750 km wall, six arrests, one stoning, too much humuus and one simple question… Can you ever get away from it all with a good walk?

Documentary is in development with Roast Beef Productions. Click here to go to their site.

Reading PSC & Mark Thomas after 4th & final show at South Street Arts Centre 14/1/11


“Moving and inspiring… as gripping as any live performance you will see” – The Guardian

“A brilliant investigative journalist disguised as a comedian… very funny indeed” – Daily Telegraph

Thanks to Reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Israel shoots and injures unarmed peaceful protester in southern Gaza

The Lebanese army has been put on high alert along its border with Israel while the IDF has declared the Golan Heights a closed military zone until midnight Friday, while in Gaza one person has been injured by Israeli fire east of Khan Younis.
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces fired on protesters in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday afternoon, medical officials said.

One protester was injured in the incident east of Khan Younis, medics told Ma'an.

The protester was taken from Abasan village to the European Hospital for treatment, they said. more

Malaysian aid mission leader on hunger strike - Egypt still refusing to allow berthing of ship

Egypt, despite promises to the contrary, has still not allowed MV Finch (Spirit of Rachel Corrie) to berth at El Arish.
EL-ARISH (Egypt), May 20 (Bernama) -- Matthias Chang, 61, leader of the Malaysian humanitarian aid mission to Gaza has gone on a hunger strike since Thursday evening onboard the cargo ship, MV Finch, in protest against the refusal of the authorities here to allow the ship to enter El-Arish Port.

The action was taken immediately after the Egyptian army turned away the vessel from the port area, according to Bernama reporter Mohd Faizal Hassan, who is among 12 passengers, including humanitarian activists, and crew members onboard the MV Finch via SMS Friday. more
There is also a report in the Star which says that provisions were allowed on to the ship Friday morning:
Perdana Global Peace Foundation spokesperson Shamsul Azhar thanked the Egyptian authorities for their assistance adding that the supplies, provided Friday morning, were currently sufficient...

... When asked about a media report on Thursday that the ship was ordered to leave the port's waiting area, Shamsul said there had been a lot of confusion.

“It's not that they didn't let us berth. It's just that there are certain procedures they have to follow before they allow us to berth,” he said, adding that the Malaysian Embassy in Cairo was helping to speed the process by talking to the Egyptian authorities. more
Latest developments can be found at Global Research

1,500 new illegal housing units for settlers set for approval in Jerusalem

Obama basically gave the green light for these settlements yesterday.
TEL AVIV (Ma’an) -- The Planning and Building Committee for the Jerusalem municipality will discuss Thursday plans to build 1,500 new Jewish-only housing units in illegal settlements of Har Homa and Pisgat Ze'ev.

Both settlements are built on lands occupied by Israel in 1967, and are at least partially constructed on privately owned Palestinian property. more

Video: to Gaza with love - send your own personal letter to Gaza

Video featuring: Ali Abunimah, Kathleen Chalfant, Kathy Kelly, and Alice Walker for the U.S. BOAT TO GAZA


The U.S. Boat to Gaza Campaign is collecting thousands of personal letters to the people of Gaza from people like you in the U.S., in an act of friendship and solidarity. These letters will be carried as our cargo on the U.S. Boat to Gaza when it sets sail in June 2011 in the next International Freedom Flotilla Stay Human. The Audacity of Hope will sail as a human rights mission to help end the illegal Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.

The campaign To Gaza With Love allows you and thousands of other people to take part in this effort.

To include your voice please write a letter, card or postcard and send it to:

119 West 72nd St. #158
New York, NY 10023


Video: Free the People - John Lennon on the Arab revolutions... and the road to Palestinian liberation

John Lennon's song applied mainly to the 2011 Arab Uprisings...