Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Israeli navy says it will illegally board flotilla boats again even as Turkey steps up warnings

Despite repeated warnings from Turkey, Israel is as belligerent as ever.
The Israel Navy is prepared to intercept and take control of the ships participating in the new flotilla to the Gaza Strip, a senior Navy officer said Tuesday on the anniversary of the IDF operation to stop the Mavi Marmara that ended in the death of nine Turkish nationals.

"We will order the ship to stop, but if they don't, we are prepared to intercept and board the ship," a senior officer told reporters.

The flotilla of 15 ships, organized by the Turkish humanitarian organization, IHH - which is outlawed in Israel due to its ties with Hamas, as well as The Free Gaza Movement - is planning to sail to the Gaza Strip in late June. more

Tank incursion with live fire in central Gaza Strip this morning, no casualties reported

Gaza Strip, (Samar Mohaisen - Pal Telegraph)- Israeli military vehicles invaded Tuesday morning limited areas in the east of al-Buriage refugee camp in central Gaza Strip. No causalities were reported.

According to SAFA News agency, eight Israeli bulldozers accompanied by three tanks stationed at the east of al-Buriage refugee camp and started razing operation to the agricultural lands, terrifying many citizens in fear of being hurt by Israeli fire. more

10 members of Islamic Jihad seized, but local leader escapes Jenin swoop

IMEMC - Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Tuesday at dawn ten members of the Islamic Jihad in the northern West bank city of Jenin, and nearby villages and towns, broke into offices that belong to the movement, the Palestinian People Party, and also shut down a charitable society.

Local sources reported that soldiers kidnapped Islamic Jihad members Mohammad Mardawi, Mona Hussein Qa’dan, Sujai Al Sheebany, from Arraba town, Bilal Thiab and Majdi Al Sheikh Ibrahim from Kufur Ra’ey, Ibrahim Baddad and Waleed Malabsha from Jaba’, Taha Sharqawy from Az-Zababda, Jamal Abdul-Fattah Yousef from Aneen, and Fadi Zyoud from Sielet Al Harthiyya.

The sources added that soldiers broke into dozens of homes in the Jenin district and installed a roadblock in the center of Kafreet town.

Furthermore, troops broke into the “Al Bara’ Society for Muslim Girls” in Jenin City by smashing its front door before confiscating its computers and files, and shutting it down.

The Islamic Jihad Movement issued a press release stating that soldiers broke into the home of Sheikh Khader Adnan, a political leader of the movement, and searched the property causing damage. Troops intended to kidnap Adnan but he
was not home. more

Three killed in unexplained explosion at popular resistance committee training camp in Rafah

Reports a week ago today spoke of bobby trapped weapons being infiltrated into supply chain in Sinai by Israeli operatives.

From Lebanon's The Daily Star
RAFAH, Palestinian Territories: Three Gazans were killed on Tuesday in a mysterious blast at a training camp used by militants of the Popular Resistance Committees near the Egyptian border, medics told AFP.

"Three martyrs were killed and four others were injured in a blast in a site belonging to the Popular Resistance in the Tel Sultan neighbourhood of Rafah," said Adham Abu Selmiya, spokesman for the Hamas-run medical services in Gaza.

The cause of the blast was not immediately clear, but the Israeli military told AFP it had "nothing to do with the explosion."

On October 20, 13 Palestinians civilians were injured by an explosion of undetermined origin in a Hamas security services building in Tel Sultan. more

Egyptian revolutionary blogger and TV presenter face military judges for criticising rights abuses

Hossam el-Hamalawy is being hauled before military Judges tomorrow (with other journalists, including TV presenter Reem Maged) for criticising human rights violations by the new Egyptian military government.

He is very important for the Revolution. Please defend him and the others by sending the statement below to menasolidarity@gmail.com (website is here) as soon as possible:

We condemn the decision to refer journalists Hossam el-Hamalawy and Reem Maged for questioning by military judges on Tuesday 31 May in relation to their discussion of violations of human rights by the Egyptian military police and the ruling Supreme Military Council on Reem’s political talkshow which aired on ONTV on 26 May 2011. We likewise condemn the decision to refer journalist Nabil Sharaf al-Din for questioning by military judges in relation to comments he also made on ONTV.

We will not stand by and see courageous journalists silenced, and we stand in solidarity with all Egyptians who are fighting to defend their rights to protest, strike and express themselves freely. These are precious gains of the revolution of 25 January, during which nearly 1000 Egyptians sacrificed their lives.

We call on the Supreme Military Council to cease its harassment of journalists, activists and citizens who exercise their basic human rights to question their rulers.

We affirm our support for the statement below on the right to strike and protest in Egypt which was first issued in March following the Egyptian cabinet’s decision to criminalise protests and strikes, but which is now more urgent than ever.

“The Egyptian people showed immense courage in overthrowing the dictator Mubarak. They braved armoured cars and bullets in order to win freedom and social justice. We call on Egypt’s current military and civilian rulers to respect the Egyptian people’s democratic rights, including the right to protest and strike. We call on the Egyptian cabinet to reverse its decision of 23 March 2011 to criminalise protests and strike action and to threaten those ‘inciting’ such action with imprisonment or huge fines. We demand that the British government cease to provide assistance, arms or equipment to the Egyptian army and security forces which could be used to repress strikes and protests.

We send our greetings to our brothers and sisters in Egypt’s independent trade unions, and pledge that we will not stand by while their rights are under threat. We will mobilise whatever solidarity we can to support their struggle for political freedom and social justice.”