Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Egyptian oil ministry denies rumours it has started selling gas to Israel again

(pic: Egyptian demonstration against gas exports to Israel that took place on 27 April)
CAIRO, (PIC)-- The Egyptian oil ministry has denied media rumors that Egypt resumed Tuesday pumping gas to Israel.

The pipelines exporting the natural gas to Israel and Jordan were sabotaged three times during the popular protests that successfully ousted the former regime headed by Hosni Mubarak.

Ministry sources said damage incurred require importing parts from abroad before pipelines are up and running.

Reuters said that gas exporter East Mediterranean Company had announced resuming gas exports to Israel after stalling that has lasted over a month.

Oil minister Abdullah Gharab denied that political reasons were behind the disruption of gas trade with Israel.

Israel said it would resort to international arbitration if Egypt raised gas prices as it has threatened.

The occupying state receives 45 percent of its gas needs from the pipeline running through Sinai at a cheap price compared to world gas rates. more

Ashrawi rebukes Merkel and Obama: 'People do not negotiate their right to statehood'

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- "People do not negotiate their right to statehood. Rather, this is an inherent right," a PLO official lashed out Wednesday in the wake of US and German statements demanding Palestinian officials abort plans to seek UN recognition of statehood.

"Far from acting unilaterally, Palestinians are bringing their case for statehood before the United Nations, the world’s preeminent multilateral body. Self-determination and respect for the sovereignty of nations are principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter, making the UN a natural forum to resolve this issue," Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Executive Committee said in a statement.

The day before, US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out at a news conference, saying they agreed that Palestinians should not seek recognition of a state at the UN in September, calling the move "unilateral."

Ashrawi's sharp statement appealed to the leaders, urging them to reflect on their position and "send a very different message" if they wanted to reinforce prospects for peace. more

International boat 'Olivia' launches into Gaza waters to monitor any Israeli violations against fishermen

GAZA, June 8, 2011 (WAFA) – Civil Peace Service - Gaza (CPSGAZA) Wednesday launched the international boat, Olivia, to monitor human rights in Gaza waters, according to activist Ruqaia Samrai.

She told WAFA that a group of international and Palestinian activists launched the boat Olivia as the first official mission in Gaza waters to document Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen.

She said Gaza fishermen “need protection and help to fish and feed their families.”

Samrai insisted that the main mission of Olivia is to monitor the Israeli violations, stressing that they will also protect Palestinian fishermen and help them.

CPSGAZA crew, which consists of citizens from Spain, U.S., Italy and Belgium, will accompany Gaza’s fishermen to monitor and document the Israeli violations of international law. more

Acute medicine shortage in Gaza as Palestinian Authority claims there's no money for transfers

AP - The Gaza Strip's health minister says there is an acute shortage of medicines and supplies in the territory and he is blaming the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

Health Minister Basem Naem says hundreds of medications and supplies have run out.

He also warned Wednesday that all surgeries will be suspended in the next few days if the medicines and supplies don't start reaching Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority, run by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, says it doesn't have enough money to transfer the items. more

Video: weekly protest in the buffer zone - peaceful demonstrators expose Israeli propaganda

Thanks to Occupied Palestine and GazaYBO (Gaza Youth Breaks Out):
Take a few minutes of your time …. watch….rethink and question the INDIFFERENCE

Peaceful demonstrations shot at by the Israeli occupation, and the world stands still!!!!!!!! With your solidarity we break the silence ,
Join us and be part exposing the Israeli propaganda !!!

Israel fears growth of strategic threat from refugee demonstrations on it's illegal borders

From the Irish Times
There is a feeling the Palestinians and Arab states are trying to undermine Israel’s legitimacy, writes MARK WEISS in Jerusalem

A SPECTRE is haunting Israel: the spectre of Palestinian mass civil unrest. Twice in recent weeks troops have opened fire with live rounds in an effort to stop unarmed Palestinian civilians crossing into Israel.

The first time coincided with Nakba (Catastrophe) day, the day Palestinians mark the anniversary of Israel’s establishment in 1948. Although Israel had mobilised its forces in the West Bank and along the Gaza border, the focus of the protests was along the country’s northern borders with Lebanon and Syria.

About 100 Palestinian refugees living in Syria succeeded in breaching the border and crossed into the Golan Heights. One infiltrator even managed to reach Tel Aviv. Ten protesters were killed on the border.

The events sent shock waves throughout the Israeli establishment. Suddenly the Palestinian refugee problem was thrust into the limelight. The refugees and their descendants, some carrying what they claimed were keys to family homes in pre-1948 Mandate Palestine, were, for the first time , trying to fulfil the “right of return”.

There was a widespread consensus among the mainstream Zionist parties that, if the phenomenon was not stamped out quickly, it could escalate out of control and develop into a strategic threat with many thousands of refugees marching on Israel’s borders. more

Arab Knesset member stripped of privileges and passport to stop her joining Gaza flotilla

Palestinian member of Knesset Haneen Zoabi (pictured above) has been stripped of her parliamentary privileges and passport to stop her joining flotilla 2. Israel the 'only democracy in the Middle East'? That's a joke, surely?
The Knesset House Committee voted to strip Zoabi of her privileges as an MK, including the right to hold a diplomatic passport, "in order to prevent Zoabi from participating in a similar event in the future," the committee chair explained.

Levin then requested from Weinstein "to take action to ensure that MK Zoabi will not be able to take part in the events of the planned flotilla, including preventing her from leaving the country."

The Likud MK also pointed out that the Attorney-General's Office has yet to decide whether Zoabi should stand trial for her participation in last year's flotilla incident, saying that the delay "is not justified and shows weakness and inconsistency." more

Hamas member of PA parliament arrested at his Nablus house by occupation forces

In addition to occupation forces arresting their members on the West Bank, Hamas also has to contend with Fatah doing the same thing, despite the national reconciliation agreement.
West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli forces detained Tuesday at dawn a Palestinian legislator Ahmed Haj Ali from his house in al-Ein refugee camp in the west of Nablus.

Local sources stated that Israeli military forces broke into the house of Haj Ali, tampered with its contents, and sent him to an unknown destination.

Ahrar center for prisoners study and human rights condemned the arrest of the Palestinian legislator Ahmed Haj Ali, who was previously held for three years under administrative detention without charges. more

13-year-old girl arrested on visit to see her father in notorious Negev desert prison

Nablus-PNN- Israeli troops arrested Samah Mousalan, 13, from the northern part of Nablus as she was visiting her father who has been held by Israelis in the Negev detention facility.

The Palestinian Ministry of Political Prisoner Affairs issued a press release Monday, saying that Mousalan was visiting her father when a group of soldiers stormed the visiting room and arrested her. According the report, the Israeli soldiers said that she tried to smuggle something to her father, and this was the reason for her arrest.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Political Prisoner Affairs, after the Israelis investigated, the child did not have anything in her possession and decried the move as provocative and used to create psychological pressure on her on her father. more