Sunday, 19 June 2011

Israeli undercover agents boast on TV about the 'wanted' Palestinians they have killed

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Undercover Israeli intelligence officers appeared on national television Saturday to talk about assassinating Palestinians in a program broadcast on Israel's Channel 10.

Oren Beaton presented a photo album of Palestinians he killed during his time as a commander of an undercover Israeli unit operating in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Beaton explained that he kept photos of his victims.

"This is a photo of a Palestinian young man called Basim Subeih who I killed. This is another young man. I shredded his body, and the photo shows the remnants of his body," he said.

The TV program also featured an undercover agent referred to as "D", who openly admitted killing "wanted Palestinians."

He complained of suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and said that the state had rejected his demands for compensation.

The Channel 10 presenter appealed to the Israeli government to meet the agent's demands.

"Those are the Shin Bet agents we only hear about and never see, and thanks to them we live safely," she said.

The report was filmed in the Palestinian territories, and showed agents wandering around the streets of Ar-Ram in occupied East Jerusalem with handguns under their shirts, illustrating that the agents were still operating in Palestinian cities. more

Italian aid ship arrives at Egypt's El Arish port with 12 ambulances and other aid for Gaza

From almasry alyoum
A Gaza-bound aid ship has docked at the city of Arish in North Sinai and is preparing to transport its cargo by land, Egyptian authorities declared on Sunday.

The Miles of Smiles is currently unloading, Secretary General for North Sinai Governorate Gaber al-Araby said.

It is carrying 12 ambulances, baby milk and other humanitarian aid, he said in a press statement...

...The vessel, hoisting a Moldovian flag, departed from Venice, Italy. The aid is expected to pass into Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah land crossing. Palestinian news reports believe 60 activists of different nationalities are on board.

US Boat to Gaza: plan now for emergency response actions in defence of Freedom Flotilla 2

In late June, a U.S. flagged ship called The Audacity of Hope will join the 2nd Freedom Flotilla - Stay Human as people from 22 nations set sail to Gaza challenging the Israeli naval blockade. Though the flotilla has the right under international law to do exactly what it is doing and has made abundantly clear its commitment to nonviolence, the government of Israel has publicly stated that they are prepared to act illegally and violently and take severe, even potentially life-threatening, action against the boats and their passengers.

The U.S. Boat to Gaza organizing committee urges people throughout this country to plan now for Emergency Response actions. The power of such actions will be the number of cities they are held in and the numbers of people who participate. Now is the time to start planning.

Once you have your local plans in place be sure to contact the U.S. Boat to Gaza organizing committee. We will add your information to our website, and provide a link to your site. Send your information to us at

First step: Now is the time to encourage people to sign onto the U.S. Boat to Gaza email alert list, as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so they can receive the most up-to-date information directly.

Elements of your emergency response plans

1) Public protest activities

* The goal is to be as visible as possible - both to the public generally and to the media.
* As a local organizer you will know the best place to ask people to gather. Possible places include:
- Israeli consulate or other agency U.S. federal building
- well-trafficked, major intersection
- major transportation hub
* Think about what time of day will be easiest for large numbers of people to come out, to get media coverage and for the largest number of people to see your activity.

2) Media work

* Be sure to have a list of media outlets and reporters in your area ready ahead of time.
* Inform the media of any public activities and protests you are planning.
* Monitor your local media to see if they are covering the story, and if so how. If they are not covering it, or not covering it well, call them!
* Ask people to write letters to the editor and to call into radio talk shows.
* The aim is to make sure the story is being covered, and being covered accurately.

3) Pressure on the Israeli and U.S. government

* It will be important that both the Israeli government and the U.S. government hear from as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.
* Calls, email messages and faxes should go to the U.S. government: the State Department, the White and to your own Senators and House Representatives.
* Calls, email messages and faxes should also go directly to the Israeli government.
* Check often for more detailed contact information posted on our website.

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OPT (09– 15 June 2011)

(pic: Israeli soldiers arrest a Palestinian civilian during a demonstration against Israeli settlement activities in al-Tawana village, south of Hebron)

From the Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

· A Palestinian died of wounds he had sustained during the wide scale Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

- A Palestinian civilian was wounded by IOF in Salfit.

- An old Palestinian man was wounded by Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

· IOF continued to use force against peaceful protests in the West Bank.

- Two Palestinian civilians were wounded.

- IOF arrested 4 Israeli human rights defenders and two Palestinian civilians.

· IOF conducted 50 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and a limited one into the Gaza Strip.

- IOF arrested 21 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children.

- The detainees include former Palestinian Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Wasfi Qabaha.

· IOF fired at Palestinian fishing boats in the Gaza Strip.

· Israel has continued to impose a total siege on the OPT and has isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.

- IOF arrested two Palestinian civilians, including a woman, at military checkpoints in the West Bank.

- IOF violently beat a Palestinian civilian at a military checkpoint near Hebron.

· IOF have continued settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.

- IOF ordered the demolition of a school and two barracks in Salfit.

- IOF ordered stopping the construction of a mosque in Salfit and demolishing another one in Bethlehem.

- IOF destroyed two wells and ordered the demolition of another 3 ones.

- IOF demolished 3 tents and 10 barnyards in Jericho.

- Israeli settlers attacked 5 houses in Hebron.

- Israeli settlers leveled areas of land they had already seized near Hebron.


20 truckloads of medicine finally transferred to Gaza from PA warehouses in Nablus

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority health ministry on Saturday sent 20 truckloads of medicine to the Gaza Strip to ease critical hospital shortages.

Another 20 trucks will be transferred by Monday from warehouses in the West Bank city of Nablus to Gaza via the Erez crossing on Israel's border, the ministry said in a statement.

Ramallah Health Minister Fathi Abu Moghli said that the critical shortage of medicine in the Gaza Strip was caused by suppliers' delays. But he accused the Hamas health ministry in Gaza of trying "to politicize the health sector" by blaming the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority for the shortages. more