Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Video: Soldier threatens to kill Beit Ummar villager who intervenes to defend youth accused of stone throwing

From B'Tselem

On 18 June '11, an army force came to a petrol station at the entrance to the West Bank village of Beit 'Ummar, which lies north of Hebron and arrested a youth from the village who works at the station, for allegedly throwing stones. His cousin, Rami Abu Mariah, who was there, intervened and spoke to the force commander to try and stop the arrest. The commander, a First Lieutenant, pushed him back, loaded his weapon and directed it straight at Abu Mariah's face. Muhammad 'Awwad, a B'Tselem volunteer who lives in the village, documented the incident on video.

וידאו: קצין דורך את נשקו בפניו של פלסטיני

בשבת 18.6.2011, הגיע כוח צבאי בפיקודו של קצין בדרגת סגן לתחנת דלק בכניסה לכפר בית אומר, צפונית לחברון. החיילים עצרו את עובד התחנה, צעיר תושב הכפר, בחשד ליידוי אבנים. בן דודו, ראמי אבו מאריה, שנכח במקום התערב בניסיון למנוע את המעצר ופנה אל הקצין בדברים. בתגובה, נראה הקצין הודף אותו ולאחר מכן דורך את נשקו ומצמיד את קנהו לראשו. מוחמד עוואד, תושב הכפר המתנדב בפרויקט "חמושים במצלמות", תיעד את האירוע במצלמתו.

Imprisoned Palestinian freedom fighter Barghouti calls for million-strong statehood march

RAMALLAH - Jailed Tanzim-Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti has called on Palestinians to stage mass rallies in September in support of a diplomatic bid to gain UN membership for a Palestinian state.

Barghouti, a figure widely respected among many Palestinians, said taking the statehood quest to the United Nations was part of a new strategy that would open the door to "peaceful, popular resistance."

"I call on our people in the homeland and in the diaspora to go out in a peaceful, million-man march during the week of voting in the United Nations in September," Barghouti said in a statement written from his jail cell in Israel. more

Israeli jets target northern Gaza causing large amount of structural damage

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Israeli jet fighters launched air strikes on two sites in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning.

The Az-Zaitoun and Ash-Shujaiyeh neighborhoods south of Gaza City were targeted causing massive structural damage.

No injuries were reported.

An IDF spokesman said the raid was in response to rockets fire.

"In response to the firing of rockets at Israel over the last few days, an IAF aircraft targeted a terror activity site in the northern Gaza Strip overnight."

Israel sources said that a home-made projectile had landed in Sderot on Tuesday night.

No injuries were reported.

The latest air strike on the Gaza Strip comes amid a significant increase in violence over the last week, which in turn represents the first significant recurrence of violence in the area since air strikes killed 19 Palestinians in April after a missile fired from Gaza killed a teenager.

Israel has imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip since Hamas took control in 2007.