Friday, 23 September 2011

Gaza's children fly 194 kites for each member of the UN in support of Palestine state bid

Gaza - Palestinian children from the Gaza Strip on Thursday gave wing to 194 kites, each carrying the name of a member state in the United Nations General Assembly, in support for the Palestinian effort to seek statehood in New York.

The children from across the coastal enclave gathered on the beach of Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip and flew the 194 kites. The last kite carried the name of the state of Palestine.

The schoolchildren were joining a trip to the beach organized by a group lobbying for the Palestinian bid at the UN.

Wearing t-shirts and waving Palestinian flags, each child held a kite, bearing the four colors of the Palestinian flag, red, white, black and green. The phrase, Palestine state number 194, was written on each kite.

The 12-year-old girl Arij said she came to join in supporting an independent Palestinian state established on the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, with east Jerusalem as its capital.

'I came here to send a message and tell the world, just one day before (President Mahmoud Abbas) addresses the speech and submits the request of recognition, that the Palestinian people and their children want to live in their independent state,' said the girl.

Civil Peace Service Gaza to restart monitoring of fishermen to deter and document attacks

Civil Peace Service Gaza will be holding a press conference about the relaunching of the Oliva scheduled for 24 September.

The Oliva's engine was damaged when the Israeli navy rammed the boat on 20 July. Since the attack disabled the boat, international observers have been unable to accompany Gazan fishermen.

The incident followed similar attacks on the Oliva during previous missions. Video footage is available:

Vera Macht, a German human rights worker, stated: "We won't be intimidated, and the Olivia will sail out again to document abuses until international law is respected by Israel in the sea of Gaza. Fishermen are harassed, attacked, arrested and even killed by Israeli armed forces, even within the imposed 3 nautical mile limit."

Media are invited to contact Civil Peace Service Gaza in advance to coordinate accompaniment on the Oliva's upcoming missions. Photos and video will be available upon request: email