Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Thirsting for Justice - European campaign to protect Palestinian water rights appeal for support

(pic: Maram O. Owda is a student in business administration in Al Azhar University in the Gaza Strip. She is also one of several ambassadors for the campaign)

About the campaign
Welcome to the Thirsting for Justice campaign! Launched in May 2011, the aim of the campaign is to mobilise European citizens to demand that their governments pressure Israel to change its policies and practices in order to comply with international law and respect Palestinians’ human rights.

The main objectives are:
- To ensure that Israel respects Palestinians' rights to water and sanitation.
- That Palestinians be allowed to develop infrastructure
- Greater accountability for violations of international law

To learn more about the campaign and its objectives, please visit our website.
Take action

Interested in joining the campaign? Here are several ways to support it:

- On Facebook: donate your status for one hour, by pasting the following message: "Palestinians are Thirsting for Justice!" In addition, you can "Like" our Facebook page and write a message of support on the wall.

- On Twitter: you can follow us and join our Twitter appeal by tweeting the following messages:

EU (@eu_eeas) must do more to stop Israeli violations. Palestinians are @thirsty4justice #T4J #Palestine

European Union (@eu_eeas) speak out against Israel´s discriminative policies on water in the oPt! @thirstyforjustice #T4J #Palestine

Ashton (@eu_eeas), water is a basic right, but not for everyone. Support Palestinian right to water @thirstyforjustice #T4J #Palestine

Ashton (@eu_eeas), water cannot be held hostage to the political process. Palestinians are @thirstyforjustice #T4J #Palestine

- Join the photo petition: take a picture of yourself holding a banner with the words "Thirsting for Justice" and send it to us, with your name and city, at We will publish it on the website and Facebook, and on posters and postcards.

- Sign our petition directed at Catherine Ashton, the European Union´s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

- Become an ambassador and organize activities in your community to raise awareness, link with other ambassadors around the world, and mobilize your school or community to lobby elected officials.

- Or, simply spread the word!

Become a T4J ambassador!

Maram O. Owda (pictured above) is a student in business administration in Al Azhar University in the Gaza Strip. She is also one of several ambassadors for the campaign.

"I joined the campaign because our rights to water and sanitation are violated and neglected. Water [in the Gaza Strip] is not safe for human consumption and the sanitation services are not adequate," says Maram.

Since becoming an ambassador, Maram has talked about the campaign to her friends and classmates and encouraged them to join it. Along with other ambassadors, she has also participated in the production of a documentary on the sanitation crisis in Gaza. She is currently taking a training course on advocacy and leadership in order to better advocate for these fundamental rights and inform the public of the gravity of the crisis in Gaza.

Thirsting for Justice is backed by The Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene group (EWASH) in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, a coalition of 30 leading humanitarian organizations is launching, through its Advocacy Task Force (ATF), the Thirsting for Justice Campaign[i] to mobilise European citizens to demand that their governments pressure Israel to change its behavior in order to comply with international law and respect Palestinians’ human rights.

Viva Palestina convoy to purchase vehicles and aid in Egypt for Gaza mission - register now

The Viva Palestina will not be travelling overland from London and elsewhere to Gaza but will instead be purchasing vehicles and aid in Egypt and travelling from there. Latest details are here

Almost three years after the Israeli Operation Cast Lead killed over 1,400 Palestinians, the situation for most Gazans remains dire, with unemployment, shortages of medical supplies and much else essential to secure minimum living standards.

The sixth aid convoy organised by Viva Palestina is aiming to enter Gaza in time to commemorate the onslaught on the people of Gaza represented by Operation Cast Lead.

It is our intention with this convoy to try to increase the aid element and we also want to reduce the total time those on the convoy will need to take off work whilst increasing the time they can spend in Gaza. We are also taking into account the fluid situation that has developed since the start of Arab Spring and the fall of Mubarak.

We are announcing therefore a significant change in the form that the convoy will take this time. Rather than travelling from London through Europe as before, we intend to purchase all aid and vehicles in Egypt itself, with the convoyers travelling to Egypt either by boat from another Middle Eastern country or flying directly into Cairo itself.

We are currently in discussions with the Egyptian authorities and our friends in both Egypt and Gaza on the exact timing of our arrival in Egypt and Gaza but we are confident this will be over the Xmas period. We will confirm arrangements in the next couple of weeks.

Click here to donate to the VP6 convoy

Click here to register for VP6 now

The Viva Palestina UK team

Video: Victory rally of 200,000 in Gaza welcomes home Palestinian freedom fighters

Qassam Brigades contrast torture of Palestinians with humane treatment of Shalit, vows fight continues

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said that it will not rest until occupation jails are closed behind the last Palestinian captive.

In a statement by its spokesman, Abu Obaida, on Tuesday after the completion of the first stage of the prisoner exchange deal: "One chapter of this epic [fight for freedom] which we pledged we would complete. There are however other chapters which we intend to complete."

“Our heroic negotiators spent strenuous efforts, but the complications that accompanied these negotiations from the start meant that some captives who spent long years in occupation jails were left behind in the cells of the Zionist executioner."

The Brigades said in a strong message the Israeli people that their government has burdened them when it decided to refuse to release some captives who spent long years behind bars and are suffering various illnesses as a result.

The Brigades said that the capture of the soldier which was dubbed (the dissipated illusion) has resulted in removing the illusions of the enemy and those in its orbit. Then this battle was followed by a five-year long security battle to keep the captive safe.

The Brigades added that despite the fact that we treated the Israeli captive well, in accordance with the teachings of our religion, the Israeli occupation tortured and abused Palestinian captives and dealt with them in a vindictive manner and with the blessing of some countries that call themselves civilised. more