Friday, 4 November 2011

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OPT (27 Oct-02 Nov 2011)

(A greenhouse in Khan Yunis bombarded by Israeli warplanes, 30 October 2011)

12 Palestinian resistance activists were killed and 5 others were wounded by Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.
3 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were wounded by IOF in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli war planes launched 17 air strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip.
A country house, a room and two containers were destroyed and a number of houses, shops and fields were damaged.

IOF have continued to use force against peaceful protests in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
A Palestinian civilian was wounded.
Dozens of Palestinian civilians and international human rights defenders suffered from tear gas inhalation.

The Israeli Navy has continued to attack Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli naval troops arrested two Palestinian fishermen.
IOF conducted 56 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and a limited one into the Gaza Strip.
IOF arrested 8 Palestinians.
IOF used a dog to attack a Palestinian civilian.

Israel has continued to impose a total closure on the OPT and has isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.
Israeli soldiers arrested 5 Palestinian civilians, including a child, at various checkpoints in the West Bank.

Israel has continued measures aimed at creating a Jewish majority in East Jerusalem.
The Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem exerts pressure to accelerate the establishment of a biblical park in Silwan village.
IOF demolished 3 houses in al-Khan al-Ahmar area.

IOF have continued settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.
Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian farmers while cropping olives in the West Bank.
An old woman was injured near Ramallah. more

Israeli military board Gaza-bound boats

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military boarded on Friday two vessels bound for the Gaza Strip, activists and army officials said.

The Tahrir, a yacht crewed by Canadian activists, was being boarded about 35 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip, activists on board announced Friday afternoon. Contact with the boat ended shortly thereafter.

"We have lost contact with the Tahrir and the (Irish) Saoirse and are hoping for the best, but we fear the worst," said organizer Dylan Penner. more

Video: moment when Israeli navy radio contact was made with Tahrir and MV Saiorse

This video was released by the Israel military. The IDF claims its action is justified under international law. This is not the case, unless a state of war exists between two states and the vessels are carrying weapons on behalf of a belligerent power, which they are not - unless you count letters to children in Gaza as 'weapons'. The Israeli navy's action is piracy.

Boats to Gaza stopped and surrounded by Israeli warships

The two boats have now been surrounded by Israeli warships - ahram online


Boats to Gaza Stopped by Israeli Warships

At 7:43 am (east coast time) ground support crew lost contact with two ships, the Saoirse of Ireland and the Tahrir of Canada, carrying 27 civilian passengers, medical supplies and letters of support for the people of Gaza. On board the Tahrir is one American, Kit Kittredge.

At 7:30 am the Tahrir was interrogated, via radio, by the Israeli Navy. The ships were approximately 48 nautical miles off the coastline, well into international waters. Asked by the Israeli Navy for their destination, Canadian activist Ehab Lotayef replied, "The conscience of humanity." When they repeated the question, asking for final destination, Lotayef said, "The betterment of mankind."

Now is the time to act. Call the State Department and the White House and tell them to press the Israelis to ensure the safety of those aboard the two ships!

Call the US State Department:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 202-647-5291
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro 011-972-3-519-7575
Office of Israel/Palestinian Affairs Paul Sutphin 202-647-3672
Office of Consular Affairs, Kim Richter 202-647-8308
and the White House: 202-456-1414

We urge you to organize support actions in your area today. Send the information to our webmaster at - it will be posted immediately.

For those of you in the NYC area an emergency support vigil will take place from 5pm to 6:30pm today - Friday, November 4th across the street from the Israeli Consulate at 800 2nd Avenue between 42nd Street and 43rd Street. Denise Rickles, with Code Pink NYC, will be the point person for this support rally. She can be reached at

Please bring appropriate signs with you such as:




Thank you for your support

Please distribute widely

Israeli navy makes radio contact with Freedom Waves - warns boats to change course

Two protest boats approached the Gaza coast Friday with the intent to violate Israel's naval blockade of the territory and were met by Israeli navy vessels, Palestinian activists said Friday.

In Gaza, activist Amjad Shawwa said the boats were about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Gaza and had been warned over the radio by an Israeli navy ship to change course. more

Miles for Smiles 7 convoy enters Gaza with medical supplies, equipment and vehicles

The Miles of Smiles 7 solidarity convoy made it in the Gaza Strip on Thursday after crossing through the Rafah Border Terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Issam Yousef, convoy coordinator, stated that the convoy carried more than 30 types of medications not found in Gaza due to the ongoing Israeli siege, 120 power-chairs, handicapped-friendly transport vehicles, and other essential medical supplies.

Approximately 100 persons, from various Arab and European countries, (Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Algeria, France, and Britain) participated in the convoy.

The convoy entered Gaza while the Muslims started celebrating the Al Adha Feast; convoy members are expected to remain in Gaza all along the feast days. more

International Gaza activists have planned a series of small flotillas over coming months

The two-ship flotilla heading for the Gaza Strip is the first in a series of small flotillas scheduled to arrive over the next few months, according to one of the organizers.

Huwaida Arraf of the Free Gaza movement, speaking yesterday from Ramallah, where she is staying temporarily, said that in light of the previous flotilla's failure earlier this year, organizers have been operating quietly in an effort to avoid bureaucratic delays and Israeli efforts to stop the operation.

"We want to send the world and public opinion the message that Gaza is still under siege," Arraf said. "The next boats will be launched in an organized manner, wave after wave, under the name Flotilla Waves of Freedom." more