Saturday, 12 November 2011

Israel takes counter measures after claims Palestinian resistance fighters have surface-to-air missiles

Let's hope these stories of arms smuggling from Libya will not be used as another pretext for further wars against the people of Gaza.
(Reuters) - Israel has accelerated the installation of anti-missile defences on its airliners, a security official said on Friday, seeing an enhanced risk of attack by militants using looted Libyan arms.

Jets flown by El Al (ELAL.TA) and two other Israeli carriers are being equipped with a locally made system known as C-Music that uses a laser to "blind" heat-seeking missiles, the official said, giving a 2013 target for fitting most of the fleet.

As a stop-gap, Israel is adapting air force counter-measures for use aboard civilian planes, said the official, who declined to elaborate on the technologies involved, or to be identified.

"We have long been aware of the threat and were ahead of the rest of the world in preparing for it. Libya has meant government orders to step things up even further," the official said, citing intelligence assessments that chaos during the North African nation's uprising against Muammar Gaddafi allowed trafficking of Libyan shoulder-fired missiles to Palestinians and al Qaeda-linked groups in the Egyptian Sinai. more

Peaceful protesters attacked by Israeli troops across West Bank on Friday

Thanks to the International Middle East Media Center

Non-violent protests took place in five locations on Friday, in different parts of the West Bank, resulting in injuries at all five locations and arrests in the village of al-Ma'sara, near Bethlehem, Kafr Qaddum, near Qalqilya, and an-Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah.

In Kafr Qaddum, whose villagers have begun weekly protests in the last month, three resident of the village were injured today by direct hits from tear gas cannisters. One of those injured was arrested whilst being treated by medics.

The firing of tear gas canisters directly at protesters contravenes international law that states that tear gas canisters must be fired in a upwards arc, and never directly at persons.

In al-Ma'sara, local protest organizer, Mahmoud Alaaeddin, was arrested whilst returning home from the village's protest. The Popular Committee in the village reported that the protest took place without injury and in a peaceful manner, and that the protest had ended when Alaaeddin was arrested.

In Bil'in, near Ramallah, where weekly protests have been carried out for over six years, one injury was reported, when a Brazilian activist was evacuated from the scene of the protest following tear gas inhalation.

In the village of Ni'lin, also near Ramallah, the Popular Committee reported that the Israeli military fired tear gas canisters directly at protestors as they marched in the direction of the wall that separates villages from their land. The firing of live ammunition was also reported, but no injuries.

Finally, in an-Nabi Saleh, more than 10 persons were injured, two requiring hospitalisation. Again, the Israeli military fired tear gas canisters into the crowd of protesters, and also struck an unnamed child in the torso with a rubber coated steel bullet, and local organizer Abu Hussam Tamimi in the face, resulting in a hairline fracture, loss of blood and shock.

Local journalist Bilal Tamimi was arrested by the military during his coverage of the protest. more

Former Mossad chief Dagan's bloody past exposed in court - beheaded Palestinian fighters

An Israeli court has given the go-ahead for the publication of ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan's testimony in a murder trial. The accused has claimed that he killed a British tourist in cold blood in part due to the psychological effects of his service in an elite Special Forces unit once commanded by Dagan.

Sayeret Rimon unit operated on the southern front, including Gaza, and is held responsible for killing 290 Palestinians on a wanted list of 300. Dagan told the court that he didn't count the Palestinians who were killed and that for every one who was killed there were hundreds who were arrested.

Reports in Israel claim that the Israeli Army's Southern Command is reviving the Sayeret Rimon unit to work undercover in the Gaza Strip. Recruits, it is said, must be fearless and experienced soldiers. Several dozen have been recruited for the unit, whose targets include the leaders of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

It is alleged that the then General Ariel Sharon was pleased to see Dagan personally beheading the bodies of the Palestinian fighters killed by the notorious Sayeret Rimon. more