Sunday, 13 November 2011

Israeli settlers gas a 10-year-old boy, and stop olive harvest

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Israeli forces arrested three Palestinians from the town of Qabatya, south of Jenin, on Wednesday morning, while Israeli settlers in the southern West Bank sprayed a family of Palestinians, including a 10-year-old boy, with gas. In Jenin refugee camp, local sources reporting to Palestinian government news wire Wafa said that “a huge number” of forces accompanied by a low-flying helicopter conducted a four hour raid in which troops searched all the neighborhoods in the camp. By dawn soldiers had arrested Anas Atta Kamil, 27, Ahmed Hisham Kamil, 26—a student in the American University in Jenin and released prisoner—and 24-year-old Yazan Ateb Obaideh. more

Civil suit against Israel over shooting of Tristan Anderson to begin in Jerusalem next week

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On 13 March 2009, Israeli Border Police officers shot US activist from California,Tristan Anderson, in the head with a high velocity tear-gas projectile during a demonstration in the West Bank Village of Ni’ilin. He was shot from a distance of about 40 meters away, at a time when no clashes or protesters were in his immediate vicinity. As a result of the shooting, Anderson suffered serious brain damage and the loss of his eye, as well as being paralyzed on half of his body. His injuries prevent him from functioning as an independent adult. A criminal investigation into the incident by the Israeli police is still pending.

Proceedings in the Anderson family’s civil suit against the State of Israel will begin on Thursday at the Jerusalem District Court in Jerusalem. The suit was filed by attorney Ghada Hleihil of the Lea Tzemel Law Office to demand reparations for the unjustified shooting and for damages incurred by Anderson and his loved ones.

The opening hearing will include the testimony of Gabrielle Silverman, Anderson’s partner. Silverman was standing near Anderson when he was shot. She was also inside the ambulance that evacuated Anderson from the scene, which was stopped by the army for long minutes at the Ni’ilin checkpoint despite the clear indications that Anderson was in critical condition with a life threatening head injury.

Proceedings are scheduled to continue on Nov 24th, Nov 27th and Dec 18th. more

Israel's military advocate burys its own report proving outpost built on Palestinian land

The Military Advocate General (MAG ) is delaying the publication of an internal report from a year ago which shows that most of the West Bank outpost of Derekh Ha'avot is on private Palestinian land. The report, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, indicates that 60 percent of the Etzion Bloc community is on Palestinian farmland.

The outpost, also known as Nativ Ha'avot, was established in early 2001 and is home to about 35 families. In 2002, the Palestinian landowners petitioned the High Court of Justice for the return of their land. A government team appointed to conduct a land ownership survey never completed its work. more

IDF opens fire on houses east of Khan Younis, no injuries reported

Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli military towers on Saturday opened fire at Palestinian houses and agricultural lands in Khuza'a town and al-Farrahin area in the east of Khan Younis city, southern Gaza Strip.

Local sources confirmed that Israeli soldiers stationed inside military towers in the eastern borders of Gaza strip opened massive fire at civilians' houses for several hours with no injuries reported.

Israeli forces often open fire at Palestinian houses along Gaza's borders with Israel creating a state of panic among civilians and inflicting great damage to their properties. more