Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Second batch from prisoner exchange deal to be released by mid December

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- The second batch of Palestinian prisoners to be released from Israeli occupation jails according to the prisoners exchange deal would be set free within three weeks, Sheikh Saleh Al-Aruri, political bureau member of Hamas, said on Wednesday.

He told Al-Resalah net website that the Israelis had categorically turned down an Egyptian request to re-open negotiations over the second batch.

He said that the Israelis were obstinate and said that the file was closed and no talks would be held over improving the standards by which the second batch of prisoners would be freed.

Aruri noted that the second batch of 550 prisoners would be chosen by Israel but would not include anyone imprisoned on criminal charges. more

Parliamentarians and academics from around the world issue declaration against Gaza siege

Dozens of academics and parliamentarians from over 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America, along with revolutionary representatives from Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, have come together to affirm their opposition to and condemnation of the continuing siege of the Gaza Strip.

The announcement came in the context of condemnation of siege tactics being used against any group of people, but with particular emphasis on the siege against Palestinian civilians. It was made at a conference in Gaza City on Tuesday; several members of the Palestinian Legislative Council were in attendance.

During the proceedings, the European delegation called on governments and human rights organisations across the world to utilise all peaceful means at their disposal to force Israel to end its siege of Gaza. It emphasised the need to put an end to the ban on imports and exports of materials relevant to the healthcare industry, as well as industrial, commercial and construction materials. It called for the lifting of all forms of control over Gaza's territorial waters and the establishment of a buffer zone between it and the Israeli occupation. The Europeans also condemned the violation of the rights of civilians in the Gaza Strip. more