Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Film: the symbol of Nakba - Deir Yassin Remembered

From Mondoweiss

"I wish I had died before what happened in Deir Yassin," said Zeinab Akel, a survivor of the village whose oral history is filmed by Zochrot, an Israeli group that teaches the Nakba to schoolchildren. Akel was just 20 years old when Zionist forces threw her from her home, on April 9, 1948. The building is now an Israeli hospital and part of larger mental health clinic.

Akel's history narrates the film "Deir Yassin: Remembered," which describes the Zionist para-military massacre of over 100 Palestinians, mostly women and children. The attack began in the early morning with the more extremist sects of the Zionist militias, the Irgun and Stern Gang, and by the afternoon, the Palmach and Haganah, had joined. more


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