Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Video: Undercover Israeli force kidnaps 6-year-old boy in East Jerusalem

(Video shows a masked Israeli snatch squad in operation detaining children playing football)

An undercover Israeli force briefly detained a 6-year-old boy in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, relatives said.

The child's grandfather Dawood Dirbas told Ma'an that Israeli officers raided al-Isawiya and local youth threw stones at the military vehicles.

He said his grandson Muhammad Ali Dirbas was going to the shop when Israeli forces apprehended him and took him to a police station in Salah Addin street where he was interrogated for four hours.

On his release, Muhammad told a Ma'an reporter that police officers tried to scare him "but I am not afraid of them, and they must leave our land." more

PA slams demolition of Gaza crossing at Karni in Israeli move to tighten siege

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority condemned Tuesday Israel's move to demolish a closed Gaza crossing, warning it would tighten the blockade on the coastal enclave.

Israeli radio station Rishet Bet reported Monday that huge explosions were heard as Israeli forces took down buildings at the Karni crossing, after the army warned Palestinian factions were planning to use to passway to launch attacks on Israel.

At its weekly cabinet meeting, the government said the levelling on Gaza's main commercial crossing, which was closed by Israel in 2007, was a "illegal, unilateral move." more