Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gaza to fall into darkness if no fuel received in next 72 hours, says energy authority

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- The Gaza Energy Authority announced on Thursday that if fuel doesn't enter the coastal enclave within 72 hours the Strip will face a severe electricity crisis.

“In less than 72 hours if we don’t receive fuel, Gaza will fall into darkness and disability in all aspects of life,” Kanan Obeid, president of the Energy Authority, said.

The Hamas run authority has called on Arab and Islamic countries to intervene to prevent a crisis.

Since 2007, Israel's closure of the Gaza Strip has led to severely restricted fuel supply, causing power shortages. more

Google and Mercy Corps help palestinian youth reach technological promised land

What do you get when you combine geeks from Gaza, tech startup wizards from Seattle, app nerds from Google, economic development wonks from Mercy Corps and a little seed funding from generous donors? The first ever Startup Weekend in Gaza.

What they're saying at the Gaza Startup Weekend:

The one common thing that I think unites everyone here is that they really, really see a lot of opportunity here to kind of prove that even in Gaza... people are really skilled, really passionate, really powerful.

- Adam Stelle, Chief Operating Officer, Startup Weekend

We have a very, very high percentage of developers and designers and technical people, which is really great. So there’s a strong product focus here and there’s that technical talent to back it up.

- Adam Stelle, Chief Operating Officer, Startup Weekend

See a full report here

Court decides to hold session of striking detainee Adnan Khader at his hospital bed

The Israeli Military Court decided to hold a session on Thursday at the Safad Hospital where the hunger-striking ailing detainee Adnan Khader is hospitalized, and facing seriously deteriorating health conditions.

Head of the Legal Unit at the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), Lawyer Jawad Boulos, stated that the decision was made after deliberations were held to prevent moving the detainee to the Ofer Military Court due to the seriousness of his health condition.

Boulos added that a specialist at the hospital sent a letter to the Ofer Court stating that Khader is rejecting all medications and examinations, and that his health condition is very serious. more

The physician added that moving the detainee from his hospital bed will lead to further complications.

Khader, from the northern West Bank city of Jenin, started his hunger strike on December 18, one day after he was arrested by the army. He has not faced charges, and decided to strike to protest his illegal imprisonment.