Thursday, 23 February 2012

Palestinian teens spend three months in Israeli jail due to cops' false reports

Two Palestinian teens who spent three months in jail on suspicion of throwing a firebomb were released this week because the border policemen who incriminated them turned out to have submitted false reports.

The bomb was allegedly thrown at a Jerusalem checkpoint on October 21. But according to Border Police records, there were no firebombings on October 21, and an officer who testified that he had witnessed the incident was not at the checkpoint that day, either.

The border policemen who gave the testimony were apparently "helped" by investigators, who supplied them with information from the teens' confession to serve as the basis for their report.

Nevertheless, the charges against the teens have not yet been dropped. more

Israel transfers 120 Palestinians to unknown location, cancelling all previous agreements

On Wednesday 22nd February, the Israeli prisons' administration transferred approximately 120 prisoners from Negev Desert Prison to an unknown location.

In a press statement issued by the prisoners publicized by the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, they said that 120 prisoners were transferred without allowing them to take their belongings after two special Forces "al-Mutsada" and "Doour" broke into the prison with weapons and dogs.

The prisoners said that "there were no justifications for the prisons' administration, there was an enormous "number of soldiers for each prisoner; four members of the police accompanied each individual. The prisons' administration intended to humiliate them and suppress them without reason."

They also said that the prisons' administration informed the prisoners that it would cancel all previous agreements with them, and that it would escalate the procedures against them.

President of the Prisoner Society, Qadura Fares, called for a condemnation of Israeli officials in front of the International Courts and to forbid them from entering some countries. more