Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Two Palestinian children killed by an unexploded Israeli bomb in Hebron

Two Palestinian children were killed five others injured on Tuesday afternoon, when an unexploded ordinance, dropped by the Israeli forces, detonated near them.

Medical sources reported that Hamza Jaradat, 13, and Ziyad Jaradat, 12, died after sustaining severe wounds to various parts of their bodies.

The sources added that the five injured children were admitted to hospital for treatment.

Local sources stated that the explosion took place at a farmland east of Hebron. more

‘Under Attack’: the Golani Brigade’s treatment of Palestinians in Al-Khalil/Hebron

by Christian Peacemaker Teams and the International Solidarity Movement

A newly released report submitted to the United Nations by international organizations working in Al-Khalil (Hebron) documents a sharp increase in serious human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, particularly youth and children, living in the Old City and Tel Rumeida.

Since its arrival on December 27, 2011, the Israeli Golani Brigade has undertaken deliberate harassment and targeting of the Palestinian population of Al-Khalil, according to the report by Christian Peacemaker Teams and International Solidarity Movement, among others.

The report documents an increase in arrests and detentions of adults and children, serious physical injuries sustained while in military custody, home invasions, and an increase in the number and duration of arbitrary detentions of civilians at checkpoints. It also documents harassment of and attempts to silence international observers attempting to document these abuses.

And as for the usual military justifications, these human rights violations have occurred without any observed provocation on the part of Palestinians. These eye-witness accounts, either reported to or recorded by Internationals working in the city, are believed to represent only a small portion of the total number of abuses. more

Hamas: Egypt to deliver fuel to Gaza via Rafah

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza's energy authority on Monday announced an agreement with Egypt to import fuel via the Rafah crossing to ease the power crisis.

The Hamas-run authority said Egypt's General Petroleum Authority would initially deliver diesel meant for cars through the terminal until industrial diesel could be transferred.

Pipes, pumps and tanks to receive the fuel will be prepared Tuesday morning, the Gaza authority said in a statement.

The announcement follows weeks of critical power shortages in the Gaza Strip. Since Egypt shut off fuel deliveries via underground tunnels in February, Gaza's power plant has shut down twice and the 1.7 million residents of the coastal strip face up to 18-hour blackouts each day. more