Monday, 19 March 2012

Israel tries to draw Gaza into its war plans with claims Iranian military are operating from Strip

Israel is trying its best to dredge up a new version of the discredited 'axis of evil' line used by the Bush administration to justify its war on Iraq. Iran is now meant to have military officers in Gaza, and 'terror' groups are proliferating in the Sinai. So influential are the Iranians that they are able to get Palestinian fighters to fire their rockets on command. Of course the rockets were actually being fired in retaliation against Israeli airstrikes. And as for military experts, Israel has quite a few of them from the US who have been teaching its army personnel how to use anti-missile missiles, among other things.
Iranian military experts are active in the Gaza Strip and in Sinai, according to a high-ranking official in Jerusalem. The official said the Iranians entered the areas via Sudan and Egypt, and added that some of the rocket-launching systems in Gaza were manufactured under Iranian supervision.

The senior source also claimed that Islamic Jihad continued to fire rockets at Israel even after the recent cease-fire was announced because the Iranians pressured that organization, and the popular resistance groups, to continue acting against Israel.

Israel has agreed to all requests by Egypt to step up its own army's activity in the Sinai desert, but the official said no significant military operations have been carried out recently.

Several terror groups are now at large in Sinai, the source explained: local Bedouin, who are adopting the ideology of the Global Jihad; groups supported by Iran, who are trying to recruit and train militants not only in Sinai but throughout Egypt; and Palestinian organizations. more

Egypt says fuel shortage at home makes delivery to Gaza hard but promises supply in few days

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- The Egyptian ambassador to the Palestinian Authority said Sunday that Egypt will provide fuel to Gaza in the next few days, despite an energy crisis of its own.

Egypt is currently importing diesel from abroad to fill a deficit in local consumption, Yasser Othman told Ma'an.

Egypt will provide the Gaza energy authority with fuel from the imported supplies.

"The Gaza Strip needs 40 to 45 million liters of fuel a month, 15 million liters of that is specially for the electricity company. It’s very difficult because Gaza's fuel needs are more than four Egyptian governorates," Othman said. more

Video: While bombs fell monthly meeting of the Diwan Ghazza Book Exchange went ahead

Ola Anan on the recent Israeli attacks - While bombs continue to fall on Gaza, young bloggers and others in the besieged strip gather to exchange and discuss books at the monthly meeting of the Diwan Ghazza Book Exchange.

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Hamas leader says Israel using Gaza as testing ground for Iran attack

ANKARA: Israel is using the the Gaza Strip as a testing ground for a possible military strike on its arch foe Iran, the head of Hamas said on Monday.

"Israel is warming up the region for a possible war against Iran," Khaled Meshaal said in an interview with Turkey's Anatolia news agency.

Accusing Israel of pursuing "state terrorism" in Gaza, Meshaal defended the Islamist group's firing of rockets into southern Israel from the impoverished coastal strip which is run by Hamas.

"The only purpose of these rockets is to defend ourselves. Israel is attacking us and naturally our brothers in Gaza are exercising their right to self-defense," said Meshaal, who is the head of the powerful Hamas politburo. more