Friday, 6 April 2012

'Miles of Smiles 11' aid convoy crosses into Gaza through Rafah

The Miles of Smiles 11 aid convoy entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing on Thursday calling for an end to the siege on Gaza and expressing solidarity with the strip’s residents.

Around 83 Arab and foreign activists from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, South Africa and England have entered Gaza, an official with the convoy said.

Sixty passenger cars and ambulances are part of the convoy to help people with special needs, the official added, saying, “Preparation of medications to meet medical needs is underway."

Miles of Smiles 11 was organized by Partners for Peace and Development for Palestinians, in association with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), and relief organizations in Europe. more

Two killed by Israeli trrops on northern border - claims they were fighters disputed

Palestinian children gather around the body of Hisham Saad during his funeral in the Gaza Strip, April 4, 2012. According to Palestinian medical sources, Saad was killed by Israeli forces near the border between Israel and the east of Gaza City. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

Second body recovered from Israeli shootings on border. No Palestinian resistance groups have claimed the dead were members of their organisations despite statements by the IDF that they were armed and/or trying to plant explosive devices.
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Medical authorities on Wednesday identified a man found dead after Israeli forces fired near the Gaza Strip border as a teenager from Gaza City.

Gaza medical official Adham Abu Salmiya said the body found earlier Wednesday was Hisham Misbah Saad, 17, from the city's Shujaiyeh neighborhood.

Medics coordinated with the Red Crescent to remove his body from an area near the eastern cemetery hard for Palestinians to reach. He was transferred to Kamal Odwan hospital in northern Gaza, Abu Salmiya said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed that forces on the border late Tuesday fired toward a "suspect crawling toward the security fence" in the northern Gaza Strip.

She said explosive devices were found on the border last week.

The shooting occurred hours after Israel returned the body of Bilal Yousef al-Saayed, who was killed Saturday under similar circumstances, medics said.

Palestinian medics received al-Saayed's body at the Erez crossing. The International Committee of the Red Cross coordinated the transfer of the body.

A forensic examination revealed al-Saayed was shot in the upper part of his body. He had suffered injuries to his face, neck and chest, Abu Salmiya said. The body was returned to al-Saayed's family.

Israeli forces took al-Saayed's remains on Sunday after shooting him after dark Saturday in Gaza near the border with Israel, the military said in a statement. more

Families appeal for international intervention for 12 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

12 Palestinian prisoners continue open-ended hunger strike in Israeli jails.
JENIN, (pic)-- Hunger strikers' families, in Jenin, stated that the occupation bears full responsibility for the strikers' lives, appealing to all human rights and humanitarian organizations to stand with them, and asking for an immediate international intervention to release and protect them.

Bilal Diab has been in administrative detention without charge, and there is nothing to justify his detention especially that his health condition is very critical, the prisoner's brother said during a solidarity protest in front of the Red Cross in Jenin on Wednesday.

For her part, the mother of Mohamed Tej, who has been in hunger strike for 22 days running, called the international institutions for the enforcement of Geneva Conventions for prisoners, especially the third and the fourth and to pressure the occupation to apply them. more