Thursday, 12 April 2012

Occupation forces impose total siege on Ram in northern occupied Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,(PIC)-- The Zionist occupation imposed a total siege on Ram neighborhood north-east occupied Jerusalem after closing its principal entrance this week using big cement blocks to prevent residents' movements.

The occupation army claimed that the reason behind this closure was the rise of hostile attacks against "Israel" including throwing Molotov cocktails and stones on the soldiers during their routine patrols in this neighborhood.

The occupation said that the neighborhood residents, around 60,000, will be allowed to enter and exit the neighborhood by a bypass.

The residents explained that they have to walk on foot 4 km on a bumpy and dirt road to reach the principal entrance of the neighborhood, because they cannot use vehicles on such a road.

Sarhan Salima, the neighborhood council President, said that this is a collective punishment to the whole neighborhood resident, confirming that these attacks were made by few minors who did not mean anything than playing, according to Haaretz newspaper. more

How BBC views Gaza through a Zionist looking glass

By Amena Saleem The Electronic Intifada

Watching, reading or listening to a BBC report on Israel’s occupation of Palestine is like stepping through the Zionist looking-glass and witnessing not the reality of the situation, but Israel’s totally distorted version of it.

In this inverted world, presented to us by a broadcaster with a huge global reach, we were recently told that the besieged people of Gaza have become accustomed to the relentless violence and deprivation of Israel’s occupation and siege, while the residents of southern Israel continue to feel anxiety and dread when crude rockets are fired into their neighborhood.

These extraordinary claims are made in two juxtaposed articles published on one page recently on BBC Online (“Gaza-Israel clashes: The view from each side,” 13 March 2012).

They perfectly encapsulate the BBC’s general attitude towards reporting on the occupation — reporting which, with sad regularity, lacks truth, honesty and integrity.

Published just after Israel had bombed Gaza continuously for four days, killing 27 Palestinians including children as young as seven, the headline for the article about Gaza reads, “Gazans ‘inured’ to conflict.”

This incredible opinion — that the people of Gaza have become used to the mass killings visited on them by Israeli airstrikes, to the destruction of their homes by F16s, to the suffering caused by near-total blockade, to the restrictions on their freedom and movement, to the daily terror of drones flying overhead — is that of the BBC’s correspondent in Gaza, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes. more

Eleven Palestinian political detainees continue their hunger strike - two enter 45th day

Eleven Palestinian political prisoners continued on Thursday their hunger strike, Palestinian human rights groups reported. According to the report two of them Thaer Halahla and Bilal Thiyab have entered on Thursday their 45th day of hunger strike.

The political detainees are protesting the Israeli policy of administrative detention and ill-treatment inside detention centers.

The Israeli government uses administrative detention to hold Palestinians for unspecified time without any charges. more

Video: Israeli raid in Nabi Saleh, ‘What do you want from a 5-year-old girl?'

Palestinian woman confronts Israeli thugs that entered her home in the middle of the night to interrogate her family wanted to wake up her 5-year-old daughter. Palestinian woman wins. Bittersweet.

Choice quotes:

"I dont fear you, you're in my house and you tell me to shut up, you shut up! You leave my house!"

"What do you want from a 5 year old girl? She threatens your state? She threatens its security? Are you happy with your state?" more

Gaza official: More fuel coming from Egypt - risen to 300,000 litres per day

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Muhammad al-Abadlah, a member of the gas company association in Gaza, said Wednesday there had been a noticeable improvement in fuel coming into Gaza via Egypt.

Al-Abadlah told Ma'an that the daily amount of fuel arriving through the tunnels had reached about 200,000 to 300,000 liters which is distributed throughout the districts of Gaza.

The price of one liter of gasoline is 2.58 shekels while diesel is 2.49 shekels, according to the Ministry of Finance in Gaza and the general authority for petroleum.

As for Israeli fuel, the official said that some companies were buying quantities of Israeli fuel as a replacement but the high prices prevented them from buying much.

He said Israel was regularly supplying 150 to 200 tons of domestic use gas every day. more