Friday, 13 April 2012

Italian International Solidarity Movement activist fights deportation: your support needed!

Marco Mohamed Abdelaal, a 32 year old International Solidarity Movement activist was arrested April 11, 2012 at the 7th Annual International Bil’in Conference on the Palestinian Popular Struggle held in the old city of Occupied Hebron. Marco was arrested with 11 other conference attendees: four Internationals and eight Palestinians, including multiple conference organizers. Marco is being held in immigration detention as he begins the appeal process for deportation on the charges of assaulting a soldier. Two of the arrested Internationals were released without charge and the third cooperated with the deportation proceedings. Two of the eight Palestinians arrested remain in jail and will face trial early next week.

Appealing Marco’s deportation costs 15,000NIS (€3,041)

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Flytilla: Lufthansa violates international law by preventing passengers boarding flight to Tel Aviv

Dozens of passengers who bought a plane ticket to travel to Tel Aviv Sunday on April 15 were notified Thursday by the airline Lufthansa that their reservation was canceled, ” by order of Israel.”

“Israel has produced a list of names of persons to whom this country denies entry. Yours is on it, which brings us to cancel your ticket and we immediately after will refund to your credit card. ” as have said employees of Lufthansa to the passengers.

Having failed to discern in the lists of passengers previously sent to Israel by the airlines, those who intended to participate in the mission Welcome to Palestine and those who were not involved, the Israeli government, greatly accustomed to large “collateral damage” has apparently decided to put them in bulk on its blacklist. At least two people not involved in the mission and had planned to stay in Israel, we have been reported on the evening of Thursday. more

Israel opens fire at fishing boat off Gaza coast

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Friday opened fire at a Palestinian fishing boat off the coast of the northwestern Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said the gunfire caused the boat to sink, with no injuries reported.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the vessel "deviated from the designated fishing area" and that naval forces fired warning shots at the boat's engine after it failed to respond to calls to turn back.

After shots were fired, the boat returned to the designated fishing area and did not sink, she said.

Under Israel's maritime blockade, Palestinians are forbidden from fishing more than three nautical miles from the coast. more

Video: Conference participants attacked by Israeli border police in Hebron

Israeli Border Police officers attacked and arrested Palestinian and international participants in the 7th International Bil'in Conference on the Palestinian Popular Struggle during a tour of the Old City of Hebron.

On April 10-13, 2012, Palestinians, Israelis and activists from around the world will converge in the village of Bil'in to discuss the Palestinian popular struggle, vision, tactics, strategies and international support under the auspices of the 7th Bil'in Conference on Popular Struggle.

More on the conference here