Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hamas calls on PA to stop arresting supporters of hunger strikers

GAZA,(PIC)-- The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas called on West Bank authorities to stop arresting supporters of the Palestinian striking prisoners.

The movement has strongly condemned, in a statement issued by its information office on Wednesday, the PA security services' arrest campaign of supporters of the strikers who are facing the arrogant occupation by their empty stomachs, and rejected any attempt to undermine solidarity activities, that can encourage the occupation to intensify its repressive measures.

The movement had called on the Palestinian people to continue and to activate their solidarity with the prisoners and not pay any attention to the attempts of undermining their will, until achieving the prisoners’ demands.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, condemned the PA security services' storming of the solidarity tent in Idna village to the west of Al-Khalil and arresting one of the supervisors of the tent on Tuesday evening. more

Long-term hunger strikers refuse Israeli offer to deport them to Gaza

Palestinian human rights sources have revealed that Bilal Diab, Thaer Hlahalah and Jaafar Izz al-Din, who have been on hunger strike in an Israeli prison for more than two months, have refused an offer to deport them to Gaza or beyond the occupied Palestinian territories. The men have insisted on continuing their struggle until their demands are met by the Israeli authorities.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs commented, "The prisoners are demanding that the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the UN Security Council protect the laws and regulations that they endorsed and ensure the prisoners' right to return to their homes and their families alive and free."

According to ministry lawyer Fadi Abedat, "The conduct committee in the Israeli prisons' administration threatened Mr. Hlahalah by force-feeding him liquids." Abedat noted that the prisoner hasn't received any salt for two weeks. Hlahalah also told the lawyer that he fainted recently but wasn't transferred to the prison hospital. more

10 hospitalized hunger strikers in critical condition - Palestinian ambassador appeals to UN

Palestine's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr Riyad Mansour, has warned of a grave threat to the lives of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails. He made the disclosure after 10 prisoners were transferred to hospital following a dramatic deterioration in their health condition.

According to letters sent by Ambassador Mansour sent to the UN's Secretary General, the Chairman of the Security Council and President of the General Assembly, the lives of a large number of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for the last 59 to 67 days are now seriously endangered.

The Ambassador highlighted the case of striking prisoners, Bilal Diab and Thae'r Hlahalah, who have been on hunger strike since 29 February. Both have suffered substantial loss of weight and a sharp drop in blood pressure. more

Israel to solve 'Bedouin problem' by forcibly moving thousands to refuse dump

A stench of rubbish wafts over the Palestinian town of As Sawahira from the al-Abdali dump. The vast tip sprawls over an excavated hillside on the outskirts of the town and receives a constant stream of trucks carrying waste from nearby Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities are proposing to relocate 2,300 Bedouins from the surrounding hills to this site as part of their push to resolve "the Bedouin problem". Simultaneously, plans are proceeding through the Israeli parliament this month to move a further 90,000 Bedouin from their ancestral land in the Negev desert in Israel's south to government-planned townships.

The Israeli administration argues that a move to purpose-built communities will lift the indigenous population from unacceptable depths of poverty. Across Israeli-controlled territory, Bedouin communities argue that their culture, along with centuries-old ties to land, is being swept aside to make way for Jewish expansion.

Around 250 Bedouins from the Jahalin group already live on the fringes of the As Sawahira dump, moved here by the Israeli authorities 15 years ago from land now occupied by the Ma'ale Adumim settlement. Their modest homes and huts are overlooked by piles of rubbish on one side and the Kfar Adumim settlement on the other.

"I'm sure the dump is very damaging for our health, but the Israelis moved us here – we had no choice," says Abu Jahalin, 70. He has heard of the plans to move thousands more Bedouins to the dump. He points to the proposed site with his walking stick, explaining that it will run all the way from the top of the hill, where his sheep graze, to the piles of rubbish. more

Fatah delegation to visit Gaza Wednesday

GAZA CITY/BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- A high-profile Fatah delegation from the West Bank is scheduled to visit the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to hold talks with representatives of Fatah and other factions in the coastal enclave.

Member of Fatah Central Committee Muhammad Al-Madani said he and senior officials Nabil Shaath and Amin Maqboul would leave for Gaza later on Wednesday.

He declined to discuss the goal of the visit, but said the agenda may include meetings with Hamas officials. more