Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Video: 'It’s a shame they didn’t kill him’ - Israelis react to video of soldiers kicking Palestinian child

Eden Oreus (Gedera Regional High School): Channel 2, you are the garbage of the state, all respect to the Border Police officer and it’s a shame he didn’t put a bullet in the head of the son of a bitch videographer who documented it.
This posting from a high schooler was one of hundreds by Israeli Facebook users reacting with pride and joy, and incitement to violence and murder, on seeing a video of Israeli occupation soldiers in Hebron kicking a young Palestinian boy as he screams in pain.

The video, shot by a Palestinian videographer and released by B’Tselem, was widely reported in the Israeli media, and shows Israeli occupation soldiers in Hebron, occupied West Bank, violently assaulting a child whom B’Tselem identified as Abd al-Rahman Burqan, aged 9.

B’Tselem described the incident captured on film as follows:
The video shows a Border Police officer ambushing a child from around the corner. As the child walks past, the officer grabs him by the arm and says: “why are you making trouble?” The officer then drags the child, who is screaming, on the ground for a few seconds. A second Border Police officer then appears and kicks the boy. The officer then lets the child go. He runs away, and the two Border Police officers leave the scene as well.

Egypt demands Palestine delegation recognised as state at UN arms control talks

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- Delegates from around the world gathered in New York on Monday for the start of month-long UN-hosted negotiations to hammer out the first binding treaty to regulate the global weapons market, valued at more than $60 billion a year.

But in a foreshadowing of the kinds of difficulties that may dog the July 2-27 negotiations, a dispute over the status of the Palestinian delegation delayed the official start of the talks, UN diplomats said.

The treaty-drafting conference ran into difficulties at the outset when Egypt demanded that the Palestinian delegation have the status of a state, not merely an observer as is usually the case at UN General Assembly meetings.

Brian Wood, international arms control and human rights manager at Amnesty International, told Reuters that if the Palestinians were granted status in the talks as a state, Israel and the United States would walk out, causing the negotiations to collapse.

He said delegates were working hard to work out a compromise. more

Five more political prisoners in Palestinian Authority jails join the hunger strike

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- Five detainees in the PA intelligence prison in Al-Khalil have announced they are going on open hunger strike as of today Monday protesting their detention despite court orders for their release.

Reliable sources said that one of the detainees is from Al-Khalil city while one is from Dura town and three form Sa’eer village.

They said that the detainees had paid fines and obtained court verdicts ordering their release but none of them were implemented. They noted that the detainees had been in custody for more than a year. more