Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Video: Gaza taxi driver builds an electric vehicle in three days

Once Muzer Al-Kasas was able to collect all of the necessary materials, it only took him three days to build a small electric vehicle. Unlike Better Place EVs (which are now for sale in Israel) or any other fancy equivalents, the taxi driver’s inexpensive innovation is a slightly more viable means of transportation for a greater segment of Gaza’s impoverished population.

Using locally-sourced materials (as opposed to materials smuggled through Gaza’s tunnels) including electric cables, metal, a small battery and tires befitting a small golf cart, Al-Kasa constructed a simple vehicle that requires zero fuel to run.

This is very helpful given that Gaza has been suffering a months-long fuel shortage.

The vehicle, which looks like a cross between a Tuk-Tuk and a golf cart, won’t break any speed records. Maxing out at just 12 miles an hour, the DIY project can carry loads of up to 300 pounds. more

Egypt eases siege with end to 'deportation' practice but many restrictions remain

Even as some officials initially denied any easing, Cairo's airport officials said seven Gazans were allowed into Egypt by dawn Monday without the usual restrictions.

Egypt is allowing less restrictive temporary entry for Palestinians into the country in an unprecedented move that eases long-imposed travel restrictions, particularly on Gazans, Egyptian and Palestinian officials said Monday.

The decision comes days after a large Hamas rally in the Strip, which called on newly-elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to make good on his promise to lift the blockade. Ismail Radwan, a Hamas official, said that the Palestinians understand the internal issues facing Egyptians, but added that lifting the blockade is a top priority human rights issue that deserves an immediate decision.

The decision has caused confusion among the security agencies — and appeared to bring some resistance. Some officers at the airport refused to implement the measures, an airport official said, in a sign of how deeply some in the security forces view the Palestinians as a potential threat. more

Turkish prime minister Erdogan meets with Hamas leader Mashaal

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — State-run television says Turkey's prime minister has met exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to break the daily fast during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

TRT television says Wednesday that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hosted Mashaal at his residence in Ankara on Tuesday evening. more