Monday, 6 August 2012

Egypt's Brotherhood says Mossad behind Sinai attack

CAIRO (Reuters) -- Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said Monday that the attack on a police station in Sinai in which 16 policemen were killed "can be attributed to Mossad," a claim swiftly dismissed by Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood said on its website that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, was trying to abort the Egyptian uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak last year and that it was "imperative to review clauses" of the agreement between Egypt and Israel.

"This crime can be attributed to the Mossad, which has been seeking to abort the revolution since its inception and the proof of this is that it gave instructions to its zionist citizens in Sinai to depart immediately a few days ago."

"(It) also draws our attention to the fact that our forces in Sinai are not enough to protect it and our borders, which makes it imperative to review clauses in the signed agreement between us and the zionist entity," the group said. more

Israel prevents ministers from attending the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Palestine

Palestinian sources revealed that Israel prevented four Foreign Ministers from attending the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement and denied their entry to the Palestinian Territories through Jordan borders.

The sources told PNN that Israel prevented the entry of four foreign ministers from Bangladesh, Cuba, Indonesia and Malaysia, claiming that these countries have no diplomatic relations with Israel.

The sources said that the committee of the Non-Aligned Movement held an emergency meeting in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to seek ways to respond to Israel's refusal, so the Committee decided to cancel the meeting and refused to hold it in Amman.

In a press release from the PLO's Negotiations Office, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLO's Executive Committee member, strongly condemned Israel's decision to prevent the entry of four foreign Ministers who were coming to participate in the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Ramallah.more

Israel uses Sinai attack as excuse to shut Karam Abu Salem crossing until further notice

Following two attacks near Egypt's border with the besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation forces on Sunday evening declared their intention to close the Karam Abu Salem border crossing between Israel and the southern Gaza Strip on Monday.
Ra'ed Fotouh, coordinator of the Egyptian committee devoted to the entry of commercial goods into the Gaza Strip, reported that Israeli officials had informed him that the crossing would be closed until further notice in the wake of Sunday's border attacks.

The Israeli media, meanwhile, has reported that Israeli occupation forces had killed three would-be infiltrators who had attempted to breach the crossing following the attacks. more

Gaza mother of prisoner dies on route to Israeli jail visit

Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - The mother of a Palestinian prisoner died on Monday while traveling with a group from Gaza to visit relatives in Israeli jails, a prisoners group said.

Aisha Isleih died as the bus was preparing to leave for Israel, Saber Abu Karsh, director of the Gaza-based prisoners group Waed told Ma'an.

The cause of death is still being determined.

Isleih was part of a group of 37 people who were heading to Israel to visit jailed relatives, in the fourth such visit of its kind since 2007. Isleih had not seen her son since he was detained five years ago on a twelve year sentence. more

Egypt closes Gaza border after attack on Sinai police station kills 16

CAIRO (Reuters) -- An Egyptian security source said Sunday the Rafah border crossing with Gaza had been closed indefinitely, the state news agency MENA reported, after an attack on a police station in Sinai killed at least 15 officers.

"A security official announced on Sunday evening that the Rafah land port had been closed for cases of travel and arrivals indefinitely. This comes in the wake of the attack by gunmen on a border checkpoint in Rafah in Sinai," MENA said.

Gunmen killed at least 15 Egyptian policemen and seized an army tank in the assault on a police station near the border with Israel.

Gaza's Hamas rulers condemned the attack, which took place near the border crossing where the Egyptian, Israeli and Gazan frontiers converge.

"Hamas condemns this ugly crime which killed a number of Egyptian soldiers and extends its deep condolences to the families of the victims and to the leadership and the people of Egypt," the Islamist group said in a statement.

Hamas closed the tunnels to Egypt through which it smuggles goods to avoid Israel's blockade. Residents said the atmosphere was tense. more