Monday, 20 August 2012

Sixth groups of relatives of Gaza prisoners begin travel into Israel to visit them

GAZA, (PIC)-- The sixth batch of relatives of Gaza prisoners in the Israeli jails left Monday morning the Strip on a visit to those prisoners for the first time in six years.

A prisoners’ hunger strike forced the Israeli prison service to allow visits for Gaza prisoners after six years of deprivation.

The relatives assembled in a bus for the Red Cross that left the coastal enclave via Erez crossing point en route to Nafha jail. more

University of Bradford students forge links with Gaza

Bradford students hope to develop scholarships for fellow students from Gaza after a delegation – the country’s first from a student union – visited the troubled area to develop links between universities.

Students at the University of Bradford visited universities in Gaza as part of a project to run workshops, help share best practice and forge links with other institutions.

Usman Ahmed, 21, of Lidget Green , said universities were forced to close their doors as their entire student populations wished to attend the workshops led by the Bradford students.

Mr Ahmed, who is about to enter the third year of a combined studies degree at Bradford, came up with the idea for the trip alongside fellow student Ruckaiya Karim, as part of the United 4Palestine group.

Mr Ahmed said “I found it quite inspirational that despite the occupation, despite the lack of resources – some of the equipment they were using was quite old and had been donated by countries quite a while back, almost 20 years ago – the students academically were really motivated.”

Mr Ahmed said he and other Bradford students led a number of workshops – some of which were attended by up to 400 people – showing Gaza students a more interactive way of learning than the traditional lecture. more

Political support and quality of products sees Turkish goods fill Gaza markets

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Markets in the Gaza Strip are increasingly turning to Turkish products to fill their shelves, Ma'an's correspondent reported Sunday.

The demand for Turkish products exceeds other competing imported goods, and the prices suit the Gazan market.

"When citizens come to buy, they always ask for Turkish goods and buy them as they are more practical and more comfortable," clothes shop owner Samir Moussa said.

Another businessman, Wael Shawwa, said that he only imports Turkish goods, but mainly due to the country's steadfast support for the Gaza Strip.

"Turkish goods are preferred by everyone in Gaza because of Turkey’s position, in addition to the quality of the goods," he said. more

Video: Israeli soldiers assault journalists after village demonstration

في هذا الفيديو :: قامت قوات الاحتلال اليوم في قرية كفر قدوم بالاعتداء بوحشية مفرطة على الصحفيين جعفر شتية (كسر في اليد) بكر عبد الحق (جروح متوسطة) نضال شتية وفارس فارس ، ومن ثم اقتادت القوة المعتدية الصحفيين الى معسكر كدوميم العسكري وأجبرتهم على التوقيع على تعهد بعدم تغطية الاحداث في كفر قدوم

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces assaulted a group of Palestinian journalists who were covering a weekly demonstration in a northern West Bank village on Friday, activists said.

Video footage taken by Oday Qadumi, a volunteer for Israeli rights group B'Tselem, shows soldiers apprehending and striking the journalists in Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqiliya.

Six journalists were injured, locals said, including AFP photojournalist Jafar Eshtayya who suffered a broken arm.

Nablus TV's Baker Abdul Haq was moderately injured, while Palestine Today TV's Fares Fares and Xinhua news agency's Nidal Eshtayya were also hurt in the incident, the said.

The group were briefly detained after the incident. more

Report: '4,550 Palestinians, including 220 children, imprisoned by Israel'

Palestinian researcher and former political prisoners, Abdul-Nasser Farawna, reported that Israel is currently holding captive 4550 Palestinians, held in 17 prisons, detention and interrogation centers, and added that 220 Palestinian children are still imprisoned by Israel.

Talking to the Maan News Agency, Farawna stated that the army conducts invasions and arrests on a daily basis, and added that soldiers usually kidnap around 10 Palestinians a day.

Farawna said that 220 children are currently imprisoned by Israel and facing ongoing violations, in addition to being subject to harsh treatment and torture during interrogation, similar to what adult detainees face during interrogation.

250 Palestinians are currently imprisoned under administrative detention orders, without charges or trial. Six Palestinian women are also held by Israel, including Lina Al-Jarbouni, from the 1948 territories; Al-Jarbouni was taken prisoner more than 10 years ago.

Israel is also holding captive 17 democratically elected legislators and three former ministers. more

Haniyeh welcomes Miles of Smiles 15 aid convoy as show of solidarity with Palestinian people

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian premier in Gaza Ismail Haneyya has said that the continuation of aid convoys to the Gaza Strip reflected that the Palestinian people were not alone in face of occupation.

Haneyya, who was receiving a delegation of the Miles of Smiles 15 aid convoy on Saturday, said that the Palestine cause was the core issue for the entire Arab and Islamic world.

The premier said that arrival of that convoy was one of the “victory omens” as it indicated that arrival to Gaza was now easy and not like in the past.

He hailed all members of the convoy for departing their families and countries in order to spend a few days of solidarity with the people of Gaza, noting that the arrival of the convoy coincided with the advent of Eidul Fitr. more