Tuesday, 21 August 2012

US state department for the first time lists settler violence as terrorism in its 2011 report

The US State Department has included violence by "extremist Israeli settlers" in its 2011 annual report on terrorism around the world.

The Country Reports on Terrorism 2011 lists several incidents including three arson attacks against mosques in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the defacing of Muslim graves in Jerusalem's Mamilla Cemetry with Hebrew "price tag" graffiti.

The report also refers to an attack by Israeli settlers on IDF soldiers and an IDF military base in the West Bank, noting that it "sparked a public debate in Israel on the phenomena of settler violence". Such "price tag" incidents are violent acts committed by extremist Israeli settlers in retribution for Israeli government and army actions that they perceive to be anti-settler.

A total of ten mosques were "vandalized or set on fire in attacks that Israeli authorities believed were perpetrated by settlers" in the West Bank and Jerusalem in 2011, according to the report. This has increased from six in 2010 and one in 2009.

The inclusion of settler attacks in the report comes after a Palestinian taxi was attacked with a Molotov cocktail last Thursday, injuring six Palestinians, including two four-year-old children. At the time, the US State Department condemned the incident in the "strongest possible terms", and urged the Israeli government to take action to bring the perpetrators, who are widely thought to have been settlers, to justice. more

Hamas deputy condemns Egyptian accusations against Palestinians over Sinai attack

The deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, Mosa Abu-Marzouq, has condemned Egyptian commentators who accuse Palestinians of the recent Sinai attacks while dismissing any possible Israeli involvement. Mr Abu-Marzouq said that it is "strange that such critics regard the Israelis as friends and the Palestinians as enemies".

According to Abu-Marzouq, his anguish increased when Egyptian writers implied that they were somehow closer to the soldiers killed in the Sinai attack than he was: "The Prophet, peace be upon him, said that when a Muslim is hurt the whole Ummah feels the pain. We all felt the pain of the martyrs of Sinai." more

American student shot dead by Israel “deserved” to die says Guardian’s Joshua Treviño

By Ali Abunimah (Electronic Intidfada)
“There are some Americans we’re better off without. Furkan Dogan is one of them.” - The Guardian’s Joshua Treviño on 3 June 2010.
Today, despite the uproar over his incitement to murder Americans, Joshua Treviño was allowed to debut his new regular column at The Guardian.

The Guardian is sticking to the fiction that Treviño’s tweet of 25 June 2011 in which he wrote, “Dear IDF: If you end up shooting any Americans on the new Gaza flotilla – well, most Americans are cool with that. Including me,” was a one-off and somehow not representative or typical.

Why won’t the Guardian correct these lies?

Guardian editors were as of today still directing readers to a so-called “clarification” Treviño wrote on 16 August in which he told the following bald-faced lie:
any reading of my tweet of 25 June 2011 that holds that I applauded, encouraged, or welcomed the death of fellow human beings, is wrong, and out of step with my life and record.

In fact Treviño regularly applauded, encouraged and welcomed the deaths of fellow human beings, specifically the 9 unarmed civilians killed aboard the Mavi Marmara on 31 May 2010. A year later, in June 2011, he goaded Israel to kill passengers aboard a new flotilla. Some of the people aboard that later flotilla were American author Alice Walker and Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein.

Earlier today, I wrote to Guardian editors Alan Rusbridger, Janine Gibson, Matt Seaton, Nell Boase and PR rep Jennifer Lindenauer asking for a correction of Treviño’s blatantly false statement. So far I have had no response. more

Israeli suspect's racism in attack on Palestinians: 'For all I care, let him die. He’s an Arab'

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) -- One of the suspects arrested by Israeli police in connection with an attack on a group of Palestinians at the weekend said Monday that he doesn't care if the victim dies because he's Arab, Haaretz reported.

The suspect, 15, made the comments upon arriving at Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Monday, and admitted to beating Jamal Julani, who was hospitalized following the attack.

"For all I care, let him die. He’s an Arab," Haaretz reported the suspect as saying.

Julani, from Ras al-Amud in Jerusalem, remains in a serious condition in Hadassah Medical Center and has awoken from his coma but does not remember the assault, Haaretz reported.

Haaretz said the attack was allegedly perpetrated by dozens of Jewish teens, whom eyewitnesses say were wandering around the area "searching" for Arabs to beat up. more