Thursday, 11 October 2012

After 10 months of administrative detention, Israeli occupation releases journalist Abu Warda

On Wednesday evening 10th October, Israeli occupation authorities released the journalist Amin Abdul Aziz Abu Warda after he spent 10 months of administrative detention in Majdou prison.

Abu Warda said that a state of anger is witnessed among prisoners in Israeli jails due to the Israeli Prison Service's procrastination in responding to their requests.

Abu Warda said that Journalists in Israeli jails are being held without charges and all of them have been transferred to administrative detention under an Israeli claim that they own a secret file and charge, to justify reasons for arrest.

Israeli forces arrested 48 year-old Abu Warda in 28/12/2011, after they raided his house in al-Quds Street in Nablus Governorate, and he was interrogated for more than 40 days and when Israeli authorities had no specific charges against Abu Warda, Israeli authorities transferred him to administrative detention. more

Video: settlers stealing olives in Hebron, army watches

HEBRON (Ma’an) -- A group of Israeli settlers in Hebron in the occupied West Bank were caught Thursday stealing olives from Palestinian farmland, local activists said.

The Palestinian group Youth Against Settlements released the video of settlers at work on the olive trees "in line with the Israeli plan to control Hebron."

“Olive season is starting. This means national events will begin soon, and we will work on organizing more national events in Tal Rmaideh to prevent settlers from attacking Palestinian lands.

"Palestinians will look after their land and never forget it," said Issa Amro.

Settler attacks on Palestinian communities and their property are systematic and rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities. more

Israeli air force launches airstrikes north of Gaza City, no injuries reported

Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli Air Force fired, on Thursday at dawn, one missile into a building in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza City.

The sources added that the targeted building and several nearby homes sustained considerable damages, no injuries were reported.

The army claims that the building is used by resistance fighters, while local residents said that the area is residential and has no training centers for resistance groups. more