Sunday, 21 October 2012

Court extends remand of Israelis aboard Gaza ship

Yonatan Shapira, Reut Mor and Elazar Elhanan may have "violated lawful order" onboard Gaza-bound 'Estelle' ship, court says. PHOTO: COURTESY IDF An Ashkelon Magistrate Court on Sunday remanded three Israeli citizens to police custody for an additional two days who were passengers on a ship attempting to break the Gaza blockade on the grounds that they "violated a lawful order” and might try to obstruct the investigation.

Most of the flotilla participants were foreigners who are in the process of being deported, but the police representative contended that the state might bring charges against the three Israeli citizens, Yonatan Shapira, Reut Mor and Elazar Elhanan, for incitement to rebellion, knowingly assisting the enemy and violating a lawful order. more

Gaza opens first recycling plant as waste crisis worsens

For the past 14 years, 120 tons of garbage has been dumped every day beside Sofa, a commercial crossing between Gaza and Israel. The dump reached capacity in 2005 but remains in use because the authorities have not found an alternative. Today, the mound of waste at Sofa is about 30 meters high.

As a response to the strip’s worsening environmental problems, Gaza has finally opened its first recycling factory.

Located just a few kilometers from the border with Egypt, the recycling plant serves Rafah, a city with 180,000 people, many of them Palestinian refugees. Built on a two acre site, it hosts a line of machines that stretch for 32 meters. They process both solid material and compostable food waste.

Abdelhamid Edhair, head of the sanitation and environment department for the Rafah municipality, said that the new plant is vital for the city. more

Al-Khudari from committee against siege condemns Israeli piracy: 'Gaza entitled to a water route'

GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, considered the Israeli attack on the aid ship Estelle and the arrest of international activists as an illegal piracy.

In an act violating international maritime law, the Israeli navy boarded on Saturday a humanitarian aid ship, the SV Estelle, 30 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza, when the Israeli navy intercepted and diverted the boat to the nearby Israeli port of Ashdod.

He stressed in a written statement on the foreign peace activists' rights to support the Palestinian people and to reach Gaza by sea and through all means to break the Israeli siege.

He called on the international community and humanitarian and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to free the activists, holding the occupation responsible for their lives. more