Thursday, 25 October 2012

Man dies in Gaza tunnel collapse, 2 missing

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The body of 23-year-old Palestinian man was recovered after he was killed in a tunnel collapse in the southern Gaza Strip, civil defense teams said Thursday.

Walid Nasser Marouf, from Beit Lahiya, died in a tunnel under Gaza's border with Egypt near Rafah, officials said.

Two other Palestinians are missing after the tunnel fell in on Wednesday evening, they said.

Medics say over 160 Palestinians have died in the network of underground tunnels since Israel imposed a siege on the Gaza Strip in 2006.

Egypt started closing the tunnels after an Aug. 5 attack in Sinai when gunmen killed 16 Egyptian soldiers. Egypt suspects the tunnels were used by some of the militants. Hamas says no one from Gaza was involved in the attack. more

Truths and lies behind Israel’s attacks on Gaza and its whining about rockets

Israel’s hasbara – propaganda – organs are cranked up to the maximum right now complaining that Israel is once again the innocent victim of barrages of rockets from Gaza, and justifiying Israel’s latest killings of Palestinians in Gaza as a necessary and legitimate response.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed today, “We neither chose nor initiated this escalation but if it continues we are prepared for much more extensive and deeper action” in Gaza.

Don’t believe the lies. Israel has been conducting a systematic campaign of “preemptive” extrajudicial executions in Gaza, knowing full well that this would bring on rocket fire. But Israel thinks the price is worth it.

On 14 October, Ynet published an interview with a senior military officer, under the headline, “Surgical strikes are worth risk of rocket fire”:
Israel’s southern communities are bracing for what may prove further escalation in rocket fire, following Saturday and Sunday’s surgical IAF strikes, which left three terrorists dead; but Colonel Tal Hermoni, the IDF’s outgoing Gaza Division commander, is convinced that the benefits of the IDF’s operations outweigh the danger.

“If we wouldn’t be taking them out, the same terrorists would have infiltrated the border and killed 20 kids at a holiday party,” he said Sunday.

Branch of settler store chain occupied by non-violent Palestinian protesters on West Bank

Palestinian non-violent resistance activists occupying a settler store located in the West Bank.

Reports: Egypt mediates truce between Israel and Hamas

Israeli Yedioth Aharonoth reported that a truce agreement, mediated by Egypt, was reached between Israel and the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

The paper said that the truce came into effect starting Wednesday night at midnight.

A Palestinian official confirmed that Egypt is mediating to avoid further tension in the region, the Maan News Agency reported.

The official added that Cairo received a verbal commitment from Hamas to maintain a truce with Israel.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military official stated that ceasefire is a decision that is made by the political leadership in Tel Aviv, and added that the army is always ready for any escalation.

Maan stated that it contacted Ofir Gendelman, Arab Media spokesperson to the Arab media at the office of Israel Prime Minister's Office, but he refused to comment on the issue.

On his part, spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committee, Abu Mujahid, told Maan on Wednesday evening, that the Committees were not informed of any truce with Israel. more