Sunday, 4 November 2012

PCHR slams Hamas for preventing journalists from traveling

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian rights group on Sunday condemned authorities in Gaza for preventing two journalists from leaving the coastal enclave to participate in a media conference in Cairo.

Majid Shoblaq, a reporter for al-Masrya Channel, and his wife Hanan Abu-Doghaim, a program host at al-Iman radio station, were prevented from traveling through the Rafah crossing on Oct. 31 to attend a Cairo conference entitled "Future Vision of the Independent Arab Media and Civil Society Organizations," the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said in a statement.

After completing travel procedures at the Rafah crossing, both journalists were questioned by security officials.

"I was interrogated by the Internal Security Service for approximately 45 minutes. I was asked about the nature of the conference and the participants' selection mechanism. I was also questioned about my political affiliation," Shoblaq told PCHR. more

Sadly there's nothing new in Mahmoud Abbas’ and the PLO’s renunciation of Palestinian refugee rights

Israeli- and US-backed Palestinian Authority leader and nominal PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas caused renewed consternation among Palestinians last week with his renunciation, on Israeli television, of the right of Palestinian refugees to return to the homes from which they were ethnically cleansed by invading Zionist gangs during and after 1948, and his redefinition of Palestine to include only the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In a “clarification” on the Egyptian TV channel Al-Hayyat, Abbas resorted to his usual tactic of blaming the media for somehow distorting words that everyone could hear come out of his mouth and claimed his words had been misinterpreted and that he was speaking only personally and not representing policy.

But he is lying. Abbas’ words demonstrably represent long-standing Palestinian Authority and PLO policy of giving up refugee rights. more

Qatari fuel for Gaza blocked by unrest in Sinai

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) -- Fuel donated by Qatar for the Gaza Strip has been held up in Egypt's Sinai due to unrest, Egyptian security officials said on Sunday.

Seven trucks of fuel were set to leave Egypt via Israel's al-Auja crossing, escorted by security officers from Suez, but the delivery had to be abandoned after Bedouin blocked roads in central Sinai, the security sources said.

The officials noted that Hajj pilgrims from Gaza were still returning to the strip from northern Sinai city el-Arish despite the security situation.

Three Egyptian policemen died on Saturday when gunmen fired on their car in el-Arish, before escaping. more