Friday, 9 November 2012

Cycling for Gaza, where the future is frozen

The feeling of helplessness is a dominating factor when I think about Palestine. A feeling that is escalated when I think about Gaza and the siege imposed on its people. I feel upset, mad, victimized, sympathetic, alienated and disoriented, not knowing what to do and where to start.

It was a total coincidence when I found out about an initiative called Cycling4Gaza (, which raises awareness about the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip and raises funds for nonprofit groups through an annual cycling challenge. I was determined to be a part of it. I felt like this was a way to do something positive, to be part of an initiative that is trying to remind the world that there is an ongoing blockade on Gaza, and that is trying to have an impact on people’s lives by supporting work in education and healthcare.

I was lucky enough to make it on the Jordan cycling challenge last December. This powerful experience and the quality of people I met on the cycle gave me inspiration and renewed my hope, and for the first time my disorientation started to fade away as I began to realize what a great way this was to let my negative energy channel into something very positive.

I am forever grateful to this event and to the people who made it happen, because it gave me a chance to do something that allowed me to repay what I owed to Gaza, my hometown. more

Egypt set to destroy more Gaza tunnels

Security sources have revealed that the security services in North Sinai governorate are preparing to destroy the most dangerous underground tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip in the town of Rafah.

The location of these tunnels was determined via extremely accurate intelligence and investigations. The sources noted that the extensive security operation to demolish the tunnels will start in a few days.

The sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the security services are preparing to carry out the attack on the criminal outposts located on the outskirts of the towns of Al-Arish, Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah with the assistance of members of the Special Operations Forces and Special Military Forces. Heavy weaponry will be used to crack down on militants wanted by the security forces.

On the ground, additional reinforcements have reached North Sinai, including army and police forces, to address the state of lawlessness in the governorate. more

13-year-old boy killed by Israel - Hamas brigades claim attack on Israeli military in Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The military wing of Hamas says it detonated a roadside bomb targeting the Israeli military in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday evening.

The Al-Qassam Brigades said the bomb, east of Khan Younis, was a response to Israeli incursions into Gaza and attacks on Palestinians, particularly the killing of a 13-year-old boy earlier Thursday.

An Israeli military spokesman said an "explosive tunnel" was detonated in the area lightly injuring a soldier and damaging a vacant army vehicle nearby. The army said in a statement that its forces were conducting "operational activity in the area" at the time.

Earlier Thursday, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy was killed after a day of clashes in southern Gaza. more