Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nazareth Illit mayor says, ‘If you think I’m a racist, then Israel is a racist state’

Shimon Gapso is back on the scene. You might remember Gapso made headlines in April when he published a broadside on Facebook promising to continue the "daily struggle" of keeping Nazareth Illit "Jewish Forever!" Nazareth Illit was established in the 1950s overlooking the Palestinian city of Nazareth to promote the Judaization of the Galilee.

Since, Gapso's call for racial purity has been roundly criticized and he has been the focus of some creative protest. Today, Gapso decided to fight back, and, in all honesty, he makes a compelling argument. Gapso asks, why attack him when he's just promoting what the state of Israel was founded for?

From the Haaretz Op-Ed, "If you think I’m a racist, then Israel is a racist state":
Yes — I’m not afraid to say it out loud, to write it and add my signature, or declare it in front of the cameras: Upper Nazareth is a Jewish city and it’s important that it remains so. If that makes me a racist, then I’m a proud offshoot of a glorious dynasty of “racists” that started with the “Covenant of the Pieces” [that God made with Abraham, recounted in Genesis 15:1–15] and the explicitly racist promise: “To your seed I have given this land” [Genesis 15:38]...


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