Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Video: Purported IDF video has men laughing as Palestinian is brutally killed

From Mondoweiss - This video, lately posted on Facebook, is said by our source to be a leaked Israel Defense Forces video that shows the killing of a Palestinian civilian carrying a white flag during the assault on Gaza in December '08-January '09.

While it is not clear to us that the target of the killing is carrying a white flag, the video soundtrack includes Israelis observing the killing and laughing at the brutality of the attack-- something like the famous Collateral Murder video from Baghdad in 2007 leaked by Wikileaks.

Our source forwarded an email in Arabic from the person who uploaded it, stating:
his message translates into: the incident took place in an unspecified location of eastern Gaza in the Cast Lead war. it has recently been leaked.

Here is a translation from Ofer of the Hebrew soundtrack on the video at about :50, which he assumed was of soldiers:
First soldier: Now pay close attention to what happens in 3 seconds Second soldier: his head gets severed First soldier: And...beautiful! His head lands [on the ground]


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