Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Israeli rightists enter Aqsa compound under guard

JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Israeli rightists entered the Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Tuesday under heavy police guard, locals said.

Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib, the director of Jerusalem endowments and al-Aqsa affairs, told Ma'an that 150 Jewish extremists entered the mosque compound via the Mughrabi gate.

The group walked along the eastern wall and exited through the al-Salsala gate. The rightists formed groups and performed religious rituals, including songs, al-Khatib said.

Witnesses said that 80 members of Israeli intelligence entered the mosque compound.

Head of the Islamic Higher Commission, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, told Ma'an that repeated incursions by Jewish extremists "confirm Israeli ambitions and the risks to the mosque." more


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