Thursday, 5 September 2013

No fuel deliveries to Gaza unless paid for in advance

The General Directorate of Petroleum in Palestine has ordered Gaza based petrol stations to pay cash when ordering their petrol supply otherwise the directorate will not provide them with any petrol. The directorate’s decision regarding petrol supplies has raised suspicions and complaints in Gaza which currently has no supply of Egyptian fuel after the destruction of the vast majority of the underground tunnels.

“I cannot take the risk of providing Gaza based petrol stations with their needs to the order of 150 million Shekels {Dh 150 million) and wait for a month or later to start collecting the money,” said Foad Al Shobaky, who heads the General Directorate of Petroleum in Ramallah in an interview with Gulf News.

He said that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) does not have any control over Gaza which makes collecting money from fuel suppliers harder at a time when the Israeli company which supplies the petrol wants immediate payment.

“This is a high financial risk which would add financial hardships to the already sick Palestinian treasury,” he said. “My decision is final and will not be reversed.” more


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