Thursday, 17 October 2013

Peace Now: Settlement construction starts rises by 7- per cent

Israeli Peace Now movement issued a report on Israeli settlement construction and expansion activities, and revealed that settlement construction increased by %70 in the period between January and June 2013.

Peace Now said that its data is based on survey of aerial photos, and count of all units that “started/ended to be built in each settlement.”

It said that there is a %70 increase in construction starts when compared to the same time-frame of last year, and added that constructions started for building 1708 units from January to June.

Peace Now added that 180 of these constructions are in fact located in illegal settlement outposts, comparing to 995 units in the same period of 2012.

It further stated that the construction of 1794 units have been completed, and 2840 units are still under construction.

The Movement said that %61 of the construction starts (1040 units) were in isolated illegal settlement east of the border that was proposed by the Geneva Initiative, adding that %44 of the construction starts were east of the planned rout of the Annexation Wall, and only %32 (542 units) were built on the western side of the Wall.

PDF Map Of construction Starts – Peace Now



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